The Walking Dead – EP 510 – Them


After the loss of Tyreese in the mid season opening episode, we find that our group is traveling to Washington. We open to a desperate looking Maggie, sitting behind a tree and crying. Surely she is grieving for her dead sister Beth. She is approached by a walker and quickly puts him down. Next we see Daryl, digging. He finds a worm…and eats it!  Sasha finds a dried up creek, no water. After running out of gas in the vehicles, they are now on foot. They have been traveling the main roads. You can see how beaten down they all are. Maggie asks Sasha,’How long we got?”, and she isn’t referring to the trip.They are in fact, The Walking Dead. They are hot, tired, hungry and running out of water. The hopelessness is evident.





Carol and Daryl head off to find water, Rick looks to the sky for rain. in a touching little scene, Carl gives Maggie a small ballerina music box, that doesn’t play. Father Gabriel tries to comfort Maggie over her father’s and sister’s deaths. She retorts to him, “you had a job, to watch over your flock, but you didn’t, you hid”!  Wow, what a shut down.

We see the life energy oozing out of the characters. And they are being followed by a herd of Walkers…


Reckless Thoughts

With no energy to spare, Sasha thinks she can take all the walkers down. Michonne thinks differently. She realizes that Sasha’s anger will overcome her. Sasha is being reckless.


Let yourself feel it

Carol and Daryl, talk about Beth and the grief, “You’re not dead” she tells him. She tells Daryl that she thinks Beth saved her life and his too.”Let yourself feel it”.


No Tagbacks

With no food, water or energy left, Rick decides to dispatch the walkers by leading them to the top of a ravine. They all take their places and one by one, start pushing the walkers over the hill.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode Photos1

Sasha decides in an instant to go rouge and try and take out her anger on all the walkers. She succeeds in killing some, but puts the group in danger. Michonne stops her, but there seems to be no love lost between the two.



What’s in the Trunk?

The group comes upon some abandoned cars and decide to look for anything they can use. Maggie goes through one of them and then decides to look in the trunk. She unlocks it and is shocked to find a young girl walker with blond hair and blue eyes, bound and gagged.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode Photos

Beth’s Doppleganger

What is going through her mind. Why is this girl in the trunk. I think it startles Maggie, she quickly shuts the trunk without killing the walker. Just as she is going to shoot the lock off, Glen get it open and quickly ends the walker’s misery.


They can.

With thunder rolling in the distance, after not finding anything but a bottle of liquor, just when things can’t seem to get any worse, they can… wild rabid dogs!. As the group tries to gather the strength to protect themselves, Sasha goes postal and shoots all the dogs. Guess what’s for dinner? Dog…the other white meat!




All of our group feel hopeless, Noah tells Sasha, he doesn’t think he can make it. She tells him,”Then you won’t”. Father Gabriele throws his priest collar into the fire, Maggie notices the hope lost on his face.




Hope springs?

Maggie is losing hope, Glenn makes her drink some water, makes her see that they have to keep fighting. Abraham tries to console Sasha, she replies, “we’re not friends”. Daryl takes off to find water and comes up on a old barn, he lights a cigarette. He burns the lit end into his hand and cries for Beth…


A Gift from a Friend?

Daryl pops out of the woods to Rick holding a note. There have been water bottles left in the road for them. Who left them? Just as Eugene tries to sample it, Abraham knocks it away! Rick says, “we can’t”. Just when it all seems lost, the sky opens up…Rain! The clouds look ominous. Daryl tells them all of the barn. They can use it for shelter.



We are The Walking Dead

Rick talks to Daryl and the group about all that has transpired. “This is what we do to survive”,'”We are Them, the Walking Dead”. Daryl disagrees. “We ain’t them”. The group takes turn guarding the door. Daryl hears a noise at the door. They are surrounded by walkers during the raging storm. The group wakes up and they all work together to keep the doors closed from the ensuing threat.


A new day dawns

When Maggie wakes up, she asks Sasha to come outside with her. Daryl has fixed the music box. When Sasha asks “why are we here?”‘ Maggie tells her, “for this” and points to the sunrise. The barn should have been destroyed in the storm, but all around are dismembered walkers and they have survived!.




Stranger Danger!

The music box is still broke and they laugh. Just then, a twig snaps,  “Good morning, my name is Arron”!  Clean cut, clean clothes…what the heck?


As they both point their guns at him, the music box begins to play.


Watch Sunday February 22 for Episode 11- The Distance

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