Three If By Space Sits Down with Rafael Albuquerque

Three If By Space had the pleasure of sitting down with Rafael Albuquerque to discuss his new comic EI8HT, his work with Dark Horse, and some of his other endeavors.

Rafael(Rafael and Brianna, SDCC 2011)

Three If By Space: “How is it for you to write the story now, as opposed to drawing?”

Rafael Albuquerque: “I have done a few writing things before, but never something that big.  It was pretty cool; the story is a bit old.  We kind of revamped it with Mike, my co-writer. It was fun, I’m thrilled and a bit insecure because I have no idea how people will react. I will just know how it’s going to be when it comes out, we are just doing our best. I don’t know but I’m excited.


TIBS: “You said that it was originally a comic strip in Brazil, what made you want to pitch it to a publisher?”

RA:  “I always liked the idea and how it looks and everything in the original version, the webcomic I did in Brazil. I thought it fit well among the Dark Horse books and also I knew Sierra (editor) for a while and we’ve been trying to do something together for a long time. I thought that it could be a good thing to bring!”


TIBS: “That’s awesome! Do you plan on doing more with Dark Horse?”

RA: “Oh yeah, definitely.  It depends on how it goes and everything but if people react well and we have the time we will do more in this universe.”


TIBS: “How’s everything else going? You really have a lot going on right now! I’m excited about American Vampire coming back.”

RA: “Oh yeah, right now I’m drawing the “space race” arc. I just started and it’s definitely my favorite story so far.  A lot of conspiracy, which I love, so I think people will like it.”


TIBS: “So do you and Scott (Snyder) work together, like do you help him write (American Vampire) now or is it all just Scott’s ideas or how does that work?”

RA: “Usually every time we meet, like in NY, or at conventions we have meetings, me, Scott, and Mark (editor) and we definitely talk about what comes next. But (ultimately) it’s all Scott. He sends the story and pitch and I give my ideas back, so there’s communication, collaboration, but it’s definitely all his stuff.”


TIBS: “With EI8Ht did you see it (drawings wise) first or did you start with the story? How did it all come together?”

RA: “When I did the original version in Brazil, I was trying something different. I was writing just chapter by chapter with no idea where I was going.  I was working out some things, other things not as much and it was not usual, but I wanted to go through that experience. However, since it was published in this format, especially for a publisher like Dark Horse, they want to see the whole pitch, where it’s going and everything.  We had to write it all and then *shrugs*”


TIBS: “How different is the story now than the original?”

RA: “I think the core of the story, the story itself is the same.  The way it happens is different.  Some of the characters are there, some are not. You know?  The way it happens is different, but the story itself is the same.”


TIBS: “What would your dream job be if you weren’t doing art?”

RA: *laughs* “I have NO idea, I really cannot see myself doing anything else!”


TIBS: “What is the one thing you want to draw or create before you die?”

RA: “Tough question! Hmm, I don’t know exactly what but what I want to do is different things. I want to be able to tell any kind of story, not just horror. I don’t want to be labeled as the horror artist or adventure artist. I want to do it all!”


TIBS: “Do you plan on doing more creator-owned where you draw and write?”

RA: “Yes, definitely!”


TIBS: “Good! I’m excited for that. Well thank you very much for taking the time to sit down with me today!”

RA: “You’re very welcome!”



Check out EI8HT on sale NOW at http://www.darkhorse.com/Comics/23-589/EI8HT-1

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