The Walking Dead – Midseason Premiere – EP 509

What Happened and What’s Going On



We open to a grave being dug. A funeral.  Whose? Could it be Beth’s? After losing beloved Beth in the mid season finale, we wonder. Little flashes of a watercolor picture of a house, tidbits of Mika and Lizzy (ghosts?) saying, ” its all better now”….what could this mean?


Continuing on with our group, we find they are traveling to Virginia. A small settlement is there, along with Noah’s remaining family. Beth wanted him to go home, she wanted to go with him. The group consisting of Rick, Machonne, Glenn, Noah and Tyreese. Noah explains about his mother and twin brothers waiting for him in Richmond. He feels guilty about Beth’s death. Tyreese confides about how his father insisted he listen to news on the radio, no matter how bad, to keep abreast of ongoing situations to be a good citizen and help if he could. “Paying the high cost of living,” he recalled his dad saying.


The group arrives at the small village, they park on the outskirts near some abandoned vehicles ( a walker inside one) and go in on foot, just to be safe. Its quiet, no movement…When they get to the locked gate, Glenn climbs up and looks over. It’s not good, Noah joins him and they go over the gate. There are walker bodies all over, burnt houses, and no signs of life. Noah collapses in tears and frustration. The group is at a loss for words. This might have been salvation for them. Rick, Machonne, and Glenn decide to do a sweep of the place and gather any needed supplies. Tyreese stays with Noah and tries to calm him. Machonne dispatches the leftover walkers and Glen and Rick talk about what they have found. They discuss what Beth wanted in bringing Noah home. They came here for Beth, it is what she wanted, it could have been for them also. Why does it matter, Rick wonders. But what is with all the burnt houses, who did this? Is it a foreshadowing of things to come?


Tyreese relates to Noah how he could have let go after the loss of his girlfriend, but he decided to live. He saved Judith and brought her back to Rick. He couldn’t have done that if he decided to give up. “This isn’t the end” he relays to Noah, but in all his grieving, Noah gets up and takes off towards his house. Tyreese soon follows.

Noah’s Home


Noah reaches his front door, he wants to go in, Tyreese thinks he better go in first. They find the body of Noah’s mother, a huge chunk of her head is missing. Noah kneels down and covers her, he mourns over her. Tyreese passes a closed door that clearly has a walker in it. He moves to the bedroom and finds one of Noah’s brothers, dead in the bed. He sees all the photos of the two little boys, the room, the toys. He takes it all in but fails to realize that the twin brother walker has approached from behind. Startled he turns to fight the boy/walker off, but alas, its too late as the walker bites his arm. Oh No! Not Tyreese! Noah springs into the room and grabbing a toy plane, jabs it into his brother/walker’s head. Tyreese falls, loosing alot of blood, Noah runs to get the others!


The Visions

With a heavy loss of blood and enveloping fever, Tyreese begins to have visions. All thoughts are running rampant in his mind. He sees and hears Martin, the sarcastic Terminite, whose life he spares. As smartass as ever, Martin relays to Tyreese that its all his own fault. Bob’s death, Beth’s and now his own ensuing demise. Bob pipes in, trying to covey to Tyreese that “it went the way it was always going to go.” Soon the Governor chimes in, saying he has to “pay the bill”. Mika and Lizzy pop in to tell him that it is “all better now”. All the while the radio is blasting out descriptions of disaster and looming bad news from a British reporter, aka, Andrew Lincoln (Rick). Beth appears and sings a love song about a “struggling man”.


As Tyreese sees the Governor coming at him, he realizes to late that another walker is upon him. Fighting the nashing teeth, Tyreese shoves his already bitten arm into the walker’s mouth and takes him down. The walker’s thick blood, dripping onto the watercolor picture of the house…


The rest of the group struggles with thoughts of what to do and where to go next. They check out the back of the village and find broken down gates and lower torsos of walkers strewn all around, where are the upper bodies and heads? Glenn picks up a bat and holds it…shades of what is to come? Comic readers will get this. They decide to take a chance and go to Washington, even if Eugene lied about a cure, there may be a  safe haven there. Machonne argues, ” Don’t you want one more day with a chance?” Just as they make the decision to try for Washington, they hear Noah’s screams for help with Tyreese, letting them know he was bitten.


All the visions that Tyreese is experiencing, help him figure out all the thoughts and guilt he has for going on in this life. He is tired and with the concerted effort of the badgering Martin and Governor, along with the soothing words from Bob and the girls and song from Beth, we see Tyreese, see his life in a new light. Its not over! He wants to live.He is fighting. All he ever wanted was to help people. Just then, Rick appears pulling out his arm as Michonne chops it off! They will fight to save him, as they did when Hershal was bitten.


They drag him to the safety of the car and get him in and drive…As the sun appears to peek through the trees, Tyreese, now weak with blood loss and fever, contemplates. He did everything he could. We see Beth driving and Bob and the girls riding along assuring him “it’s ok”, it’s better now” and then fade to darkness.

660deae3-e61f-f43a-8e1e-1a8cb51e874c_TWD_509_GP_0819_0090 Epitaph

We all feel for the loss of Tyreese. All he ever wanted to do was help people. He saved Judith and returned her to Rick. He forgave Carol for taking the life of the one he loved. He grew as the story went on. I think we can say that this artsy episode showed us the struggles he was going through.He is at peace now…


Stay tuned for Next weeks episode 510 THEM


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