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Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 10 #13

Buffy-season-10-13-coverBuffy is basking in the afterglow whilst Willow is breaking up with her trickster of a viper girlfriend. Andrew is trying coming to terms with stepping outside of his closet all whilst Spike is fighting some potential possession. The new issue of Buffy season 10 is out and it’s a good ‘un! This review contains spoilers.

WRITTEN BY: Christos Gage, Nicholas Brendon
PENCILS: Megan Levens
INKS: Dan Jackson
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: March 18th

Buffy and Spike are spending some post-coital quality time together, which doesn’t start out so great when Buffy asks Spike if “he is evil now”?! Yes well done the Buffster to bring up references to boinking Captain Forehead, Spike’s frenemy numero uno. *Sigh* she realises she has put her foot in it and backtracks. However she might not be wrong. As Buffy slept Spike was dreaming a very real dream where he killed a couple. Later on he gets called to a crime scene by Dowling, where the couple from his dream are laying very dead on the ground. Oh Bugger! Spike asks Xander for help. Xander himself have been attending some counseling in order to overcome his bad patch with Dawn and tells Spike he needs to face his demons, he has after all been possessed like this before (I hope you rememer the first evil playing handpuppet with Spike back in season 7). They decide to ask Willow and Giles for help to de-possess him. Whilst the witch and the Harry Potter-Giles torment poor Spike trying to make sure he isn’t evil again, Xander distracts Buffy by taking her to see Andrew. Here they talk about Andrews gayness. He really had no clue he was gay, Xander feels a bit bad for the way de reacted and both him and Buffy reassure Andrew that he is still their friend (a friend that has tried to frame Buffy for murder and put her soul in a robot…but still s’all good and he deserves a shot of happiness and they encourage him to go after man-witch Clive). When they come back from Andrew, Buffy realises that Spike has been keeping something from her. She gets very angry but actually decides to instead of flee the conflict to go find out what is happening with Spike and try to fix him and give their relationship some sort of go.

Willow on the other hand is not willing to give her relationship a go at all, but letting down a sneaky trickster snake demon thing isn’t easy, and we are left with feeling that Willow might be getting into some trouble over this.

It is probably getting a bit boring hearing me go on and on how great this series is, but IT IS!!!! If you aren’t already reading it, you really ought to. Reading this gives me almost the same feeling I had when I used to watch the show, something series 8 and 9 never managed to do. One can only hope that Christos Gage and Nicholas Brendon will keep up the good work!

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