Con Man Smashes Goal

Con Man Indiegogo Campaign from PJ Haarsma on Vimeo.


As many of you know by now, Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion started a campaign early Wednesday morning:

The campaign is to raise money for a show Alan Tudyk wrote.  It’s about two friends who were stars of a sci-fi film that was cancelled TOO SOON! (Sound familiar? Firefly fans around the world cried out when Alan said “Like a leaf on the wind”)  Jack (Nathan Fillion) goes on to be a huge movie start while Wray, played by Alan, goes on to tour conventions and experiences some crazy things.  In the video you see Alan jumping around to Seth Green, Felicia Day, and Gina Torres giving them his script. In my opinion, this is the best cast you could ask for!

My friend linked me to the IndieGoGo site around 9am PST, at that point they had somewhere around 64k raised out of their 425k goal.  Around 11am PST they were 73% funded, then I checked back at 2pm PST and they had completely surpassed their original goal of $425,000.  They have officially hit $1,000,000 and it’s still going up every time I check it!  The campaign has 30 more days to go and I’m beyond excited to see how much more money they raise for this project!


If you’re interested in helping out follow this link and donate! You get some really cool perks for doing so.



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