Helix – S 2 ep 11 – Plan B – Review


Plan B, what is plan B?  Plan A is containment.  Plan B is eradication.  Looking at a show that has had mass suicides, crazed mycotics attacking and dying, and so many other “creative” ways to kill, what else can happen?

We finished watching the show and my husband and I looked at each other and said, “who thinks this stuff up?”  There is no other way to say it; the writers have some twisted, creative minds!

This week’s happy/creepy music is Judy Garland singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, it’s such a sweet, lighthearted song.  Helix has once again given a really nice song a scary, creepy edge.  Is there any symbolism to be found with this song?  Is there something better when they get somewhere over the current drama?

Anne and Peter are busy planning to rebuild the congregation.  Anne is manipulating Peter masterfully.  Funny how in my last review I thought she couldn’t think for herself.  Well done Helix!  We see Peter in the nursery holding the baby giving the impression of a gentle person.  Anne tells him she will stand behind his decisions, even though he isn’t really making any she’s getting him to think he is.  As she said in the last episode, “It’s about control and respect. True leaders will make you believe that their ideas are your own, that their way is the only way.” They decide that all of the skeptics (Everyone else?) must be stopped; they must not leave the island.  Their story line this episode is all about the steps they take to stop the skeptics.


Kyle has been tied up to keep him from running wild and killing until he is cured.  Peter comes in and loosens the ties and convinces him that Alan is the cause of all the bad things that have happened.  This leads to Kyle attacking the guard who brings him food and running off.  Peter then walks in, the guard asks for help, Peter’s response is “your path ends here” and begins to stab him repeatedly until blood has splashed all over him.  He really looks deranged and maniacal!  When we next see him, he is holding the baby, he still has blood splashed all over his face and his arms are covered with blood.  He looks at Anne and says, “oh look he smiled at me”. Really?!  This is wrong on so many levels, a sweet innocent baby being held by this monster!  What did Peter do with the guard?  He is found hanging in the dining hall upside down in front of the tree on the wall.  His arms are held out by ropes so that he almost looks like an upside down cross, even worse, his intestines are pulled out of his body and hanging down to a table where they are arranged in a pile.  Is this some sort of tree imagery with the intestines being tree roots?  The next step of the plan is for Anne to go in when the room is empty and sabotage the protective suits that the Coast Guard people have in their packs. This tells me they came to the island planning on containment but prepared for eradication.


The army is prepared to fly over the island and spray a gas that will kill every living thing on the island.  The Coast Guard people are frantically covering up all the openings and vents on the roof of the Abbey.  Now we know why Winger was so neurotic about getting off the island, she knew Plan B was a possibility.  Now she’s stuck!

Amy is preparing to have the immortaletus implanted.  There is a lot of urgency; Julia needs “Mother”, before Ilaria starts their genocide plan in two more days.  And they only have hours before Plan B is implemented.

Anne decides to talk to Amy; she gives her a chance to apologize for her behavior.  Amy laughs at her in a demented way and Anne walks away telling her to remember she gave her a chance to apologize.

Sarah is helping Julia with the procedure.  I don’t want to sound cold, but she’s beginning to sound a bit whiny to me.  I know her baby was stolen out of her uterus, I probably would be worse than whiny, but Sarah is starting to bug me.  Plus, it must be a relief to not be in a state of perpetual early pregnancy.  Julia finally tells Sarah that she has to trust her; she seems to have a plan.  When Amy wakes up she says she has no pain, she’s told that the reason is that the procedure was successful, Julia gives her a mirror and she sees that she has silver eyes.  Amy is so happy and thrilled that she is now immortal it’s all she can talk about.  I found it interesting that she never once asked about the baby. She was talking about how wonderful it would be to be a mother that was a lot of BS!  She has no pain because she did not have any surgery.  They injected silver into her eyes.  Julia finally gets Amy to tell her where “Mother” is.  Amy has hidden the box in the hollowed out belly of an old tree stump.


Did anyone feel that we had not seen the last of Landry (aka Quasimoto)?  With the bizarre reaction he had, I felt that we weren’t done with him yet.  And that was true.  When two men come to remove the bodies, he turns and attacks them and kills them. Poor Sergio is left alone and dead.  Later Julia and Sarah find him.  Julia rolls him over in a somewhat cold way and takes his gun.  Landrimotto is now hiding in the balcony in the church.  Anne finds him and calls him her “sweet boy”, he is really NOT sweet! He looks at her and asks “Amy?”  Anne tries to convince him that Amy’s path is not a good one, he does not like hearing that and grabs Anne, it looks like he will throw her over the balcony, but for some reason he stops and lumbers off.


Alan and the Coast Guard find the guard’s body hanging in the dining hall.  Winger is sure that Kyle did it.  Alan tells her that this is wrong, the mycotics are violent and kill randomly, this is almost poetic and too precise.  Winger looks at him and says “who do you think did it then, Robert Frost?”  Who knew she could be sarcastic?  They find out that Peter came in and spoke with Kyle, Alan knows that Peter did it.

Alan has been working in the lab with Soren to figure out what it is about him that made it so that he could heal.  He takes his blood and explains everything he is doing to develop a cure.  Amazing how he could devise a cure within hours, good thing it’s make believe, because that’s not the way these things work in the real world.  Alan is later walking down the hall and Peter confronts him, they have a few words, then Peter tells him that Julia is waiting for him in the botany lab.  So Alan heads to the botany lab, (Duh, it’s a set up Alan! Don’t go! Why would he trust Peter?) Peter turns and walks off whistling “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, this is the first time we hear our creepy/happy song.  Soren hears this and follows Alan.  Alan walks into the dark lab calling for Julia.  If it were me, I would see it was dark and not go in!  But NO!  Alan walks right in.  Kyle is hidden up in the balcony and tosses a noose down over Alan’s head.  “Oh, I caught me a big one!” he says!  We can depend on Kyle to give us a humorous quote in the middle of hell.  Soren sees what is happening and runs back to the lab, he pulls out the vial with the cure in it and pulls some into a syringe.  What a smart and brave boy!  He runs in and stabs Kyle with the syringe, Kyle turns and passes out.

It is now time for Judy Garland to sing to us.  While we listen to her lovely voice singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, everything comes to a head.  The planes fly over spraying the gas.  The Coast Guard people all discover that their protective suits are destroyed and they are locked out of the building.  Peter calmly watches them die through a window.  Amy runs outside dancing and celebrating her immortality, she soon discovers that she was double crossed and begins to die.  Soren frantically cuts Alan down before he chokes.  Julia covers herself up as much as she can and runs out to the tree stump to get “Mother”.  We finally see that the entire island is decimated as the song winds down.


Julia gets back in and Sarah meets her, Julia has “Mother”, but the gas has killed the root.  We see Anne and Peter looking at the dead Coast Guard people.  Anne is proud of his accomplishments and gives him an ax telling him that he must now “finish the job”.  We don’t know what that means, we can be sure it won’t be pretty. Peter begins to drag them off.  Amy seems to still be alive, she is dragged off, some think it’s Peter who drags her off, I think it’s Landrimotto.  They would make a really hideous team!



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