Helix – S2 Ep 10 – Mother – Review

By: Alyson Bailey
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This episode is the most upsetting so far, so many horrendous things happen!  There is not one person who is not in the middle of, part of, or the leader of, some horror or another.  There are so many upsetting and disturbing events on this episode.  It makes me wonder about the brains of the writers who come up with these ideas, how do you think up such evil?

This week we had two of what I am calling the creepy/happy songs, they are so incongruous that they become strange.  First we heard Brand New Key by Melanie from 1972.  (At least that’s who my Shazam app told me was singing it.)  See some of the lyrics below.  A little later in the episode we hear Waltz on the Beautiful Blue Danube, Op. 314 by Strauss,  which happens to be one of the songs that the orchestra played on the Titanic while it sank.  I wonder if this is a forecast of more death and destruction on the island.

Trees continue to play an important role in the events on the island.   We have the tree on the wall of the Abbey, the tree on the pendant, the bleeding tree, the “mother” root, and of course the convoluted family tree!  Will all these trees come together at some point?

Kyle is getting sicker and sicker, he is having hallucinations and flashbacks to his childhood when he was bullied and called “Stinky Summer” and had “stinky Summer rolls in shit” chanted at him.  He seems to think Soren is doing the bullying.  As a parent of a child who was bullied, I feel for him.  Being the victim of bullies is hard to shake and can color a person’s relationships and trust for a long time, especially if it has not been addressed.


Alan has some wise comments for Kyle to help him deal with the feelings he is dealing with due to the bullying he endured as a child.  “No matter what happens, you still have the power to decide what’s next.”  “Show them they have no power and walk away.”  Feeling powerless becomes a big part of a person who has been bullied.

In an interview with Neil Napier (Peter) on Inside Helix from the Helix website, Neil says that he is aware of how evil Peter is, but that Peter has no idea that he is evil.  This lack of self-awareness may make him more dangerous.  So many people have been saying such hateful things to him that he may be going over the edge.

Helix - Season 2

Anne uses his weakness to manipulate him to do some really terrible things.  The scenes with Anne and Peter are the worst of this episode.  We see Michael’s “vile pregnancy farm”, with rows of women tied in hammocks with feeding tubes down their throats.  Their teeth are removed so that they cannot bite through the tubes.  What??!!!  I feel like we will be learning that the teeth we have been seeing over and over throughout the season will have another meaning, other than being removed from these poor women, nothing is ever what it seems.

Anne makes Peter answer what he wants most above all else.  He finally realizes that it is respect that he wants and that he felt strong and respected when he was the king of the Narvik crazies in season 1.  That’s messed up!!  Anne tells him “At some point you must decide what kind of man you want to be, one who fears or one who inspires fear?”  So, apparently inspiring fear gains respect?  She also tells him, “It’s about control and respect. True leaders will make you believe that their ideas are your own, that their way is the only way.”

Anne hands a knife to Peter who cuts the wrists of one of the poor “vessels” and they deliver her baby.  I’m worried about that baby and the other “vessels” who seem to be about to deliver, or who have already.  The use of women like this speaks to the disrespect of women’s rights as human beings and individuals, and of the ability to make decisions about one’s own body.

Up until now, Anne is calm, quiet, and doesn’t seem to think for herself.  Now she is unfeeling, cold, and unaffected, she is so disconnected that she may be crazier than the rest!  Evil Peter and crazy Anne working together will not end well.

Julia and Sergio want “mother” to use in their fight against Ilaria’s genocide plan.  They are determined to find “her”.  At one point they are walking together and have a very humorous exchange.  Sergio says, “We’ve walked into an episode of Family Feud, Sister Wives edition.”  Then Julia says, “Amy is smart and certifiable”, to which Sergio responds, “All we need is a ‘forever Amy’.”  I hope that “forever Amy” does not become a reality!

In keeping with the incest and screwed up relationships on this show, we learned during this episode that Landry and Amy are siblings!  Very disturbing!


When Landry escapes the infirmary, we see him run up to the top of the bell tower to hide.  I wonder how many other viewers saw the parallel to The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  He is hideous, sad, unloved, and hiding in the bell tower.

Amy finds “Mother” hidden up in the bell tower where Landry hid “her”.  When she climbs up there with Sergio, it is clear that this will not end well.  And after a struggle, Landry and Sergio both end up falling down to their deaths.  We were just getting used seeing Sergio again, maybe he will return with the rest of the ghosts.

Helix - Season 2

The episode ends with Julia telling Amy (to Sarah’s outrage and alarm) that the only way she will be able to become immortal is to have Sarah’s baby, the “immortaletus” implanted in her uterus.  The idea is that they will be able to engineer the immortality trait into Amy.  Amy’s response, “I’m going to be a mother?” left me cold.



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