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S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Expanding Universe

I made a few predictions before I watched the episode 12 of season 2. I figured Skye would have kept her secret and we wouldn’t learn what/who the Kree were until later in the season. Kinda right, but wrong on both accounts.

Episode 11 brought a ton of action. Apparently, that’s pretty costly from a production standpoint. The powers-that-be played their hand, perhaps more strategically, giving us a lot of suspense and some well placed special effects. Mix in a little action, a couple of laughs, fifty shades of tension, and some shocking double crosses, and you’ve got one heck of a show.

My reviews are typically more of a pulse check than a recap. For those of you on the fence on whether the last episode is worth an hour of your time, I’ll say it is and you can watch the episode or read the play by play here. But you may want to do so before you keep reading. You can let me know if I’m wrong, or you can thank me for the suggestion.

It’s clear to me now that Marvel has so much content they can apply to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (AoS) that the show could probably go on forever. I wasn’t oblivious to the massive scope of the Marvel Universe, but I was not aware that they intended to use all of it for this series. Elements that I suspected could be drawn out for an entire season after watching episode 1 (S2E11) were addressed in the very next episode (S2E12). If they’re capable of brining the Kree to Earth, explaining their war, their experiments during the dawn of man kind – essentially, an origin story for the Inhumans and an extensive explanation for the potential of Skye’s new powers, and the fact that there are several more Inhuman developing Diviners,it makes you wonder what more they have in store for us. They even brought Lady Sif out of Asgard to reiterate that the pending drama is on an interstellar level. Even if her comments about the things she knows about the Kree from her childhood education were meant to be comic relief on some level, it’s rather quite thought provoking.

All this leads to some very fun questions: How many more Diviners are there? Who has them, since the crate is empty? Why didn’t the Inhumans seek to collect them if they knew some were missing? What’s next for Skye and Raina? How will the Inhumans use their powers? Will Skye wind up in the Inhumans movie?

The trailer for the next episode hints at Skye’s father, Cal, and his aggressive approach at rekindling his relationship with his daughter. I’m also curious as to how he’ll track down his team of super villains. Will they all be former S.H.I.E.L.D. prisoners who escaped a while back?

In any case, AoS doesn’t look to be slowing down. I’ll keep the conversation going for those that want to check in on what they missed and to those looking to delve deeper into the psyche of the Marvel Masterminds.

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