Supernatural: Review, Paint it Black

Paint it Black delivered some answers to questions I have had rolling around in my mind. I am no fan of Rowena and after this episode while my feelings have not changed my perspective on her character has. Crowley is still remaining a bit of an enigma since the break up of his bromance with Dean.

The Executioner's Song

I am not certain how many other purveyors of Supernatual understand that Crowley is based on Alistair Crowley a man who in his day was a deviant in more ways than those living in the Victorian era could count, but I think it is essential to understanding this Crowley’s actions. I am not fully convinced that Crowley is tying to get back into his mother’s graces but he is trying to figure out exactly what she wants and her motivation so that he can address the matter properly.

Once again we did not deal directly with the Mark of Cain but danced around what might happen and that in its self has Sam in vehement denial. He is positive they can save Dean. I am hoping they can save Dean but I am not so sure. It could be a crisis of faith moment for Squirrel.

The monster of the week is a vengeful spirit who was betrayed by her true love who has taken up residence at a Church in Massachusetts. She caused several parishioners to disembowel themselves in painful fashion after they confessed to having been unfaithful. While it did not raise red flags with Sam; it did with Dean. As they investigate the question the usual suspects, the priest, the nun who was dressed in grey – very odd most modern nuns usually wear casual everyday clothes many having even given up wearing the wimple not to mention that wimples are traditionally black. Costume direction needs to step it up a notch because accuracy in portrayal is everything.


I found this episode interesting but more interesting from the mark of Cain aspect. We are bringing the brothers to Church. Bringing them to the place where the mark holds significance.

The mark’s foundation is one of the first stories in the Christian religion and explains how murder came about. Dean’s moments in the confessional are powerful as he answers the question Do you believe in God? Many people of faith have the question of where is God when you need him, where is God, why does he not believe in us? I am not certain how others resolve this substantive question, I am hoping that the writer’s of Supernatural will put a bit more thought into it so that the episode where the Mark is resolved will be solid – maybe not pleasing but solid in its presentation.

Sam and Dean are in for a rough ride. It is my hope that their road trip together lasts several more seasons, but that is selfish of me. There is only so much slaying of monsters one can do before one dies in battle.  Try as I might I could not resolve the title Paint it Black which is also an iconic song by The Rolling Stones to the lyrics of said song.  I did say I came for the show and stayed for the sound track.

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