The Walking Dead S5 Ep 512 – Remember

Arriving at Alexandria


After the terrifying and almost hopeless night of traveling, our group arrives at Alexandria. Ushered in through the gates, we see that there is still some paranoia about coming there. (By the way, Does Carl see a creepy girl in the window of an out building ?)  They are met by a guard named Nicholas, who wants them to turn over their weapons. Rick disagrees and Aaron steps in and says to wait until they talk to Deanna. Deanna was a Congresswoman from Ohio, and she, along with her husband and 2 sons, head up the Community.. She video tapes Rick and the others while meeting with them separately. Kind of strange, but Deanna says it’s “transparency”. She questions them all, explaining to Rick, that they need to find people that will help them survive. She knows his group can do that. Rick cautions her on letting anyone in the community, that it is all about survival right now. She scoffs and asks if he has his eye on the community.

Home Sweet Home?

 The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode Photos

They are assigned two picturesque colonial houses next door to each other. You can see that the group is somewhat uncomfortable with all that is new and clean, but before long, Rick, showers and shaves. RIP Rick’s Beard. I almost forgot what he looked like under there!


We meet Jessie, a neighbor who stops to drop off food and she offers to cut Rick’s hair. She has 2 sons, one named Ron, is Carl’s age. A playmate…goody! Questioning still abounds with Deanna and the others in our group. Daryl is less than enthused with Deanna’s questioning except that he lets her know that Carl and Judith deserve a nice home. Carol is suspisious about the group splitting up for the night and they agree to all stay in the same house. Paranoia? Rick wakes in the night so uncomfortable that he grabs a kitchen knife. Can the group get over the fear and survival instincts?

Employment Opportunities?

Deanna assigns everyone of the group members a job of sorts, except for Rick, Michonne and Daryl. Carols lies herself silly when questioned by Deanna, stating how much she loved being a homemaker and how she adored her husband (wife-beater). She scores a meal making job for the community. Cleaned up in khakis and a sweater, she is using this as a way to get close to the neighbors.

Carl spots his new little friend ,Enid, (the creepy girl) sneak out of the community, over the wall with backpack. What is she up to? Did anyone catch the Wolf reference on the magazine Carl found. It belongs to Enid. Does it have anything to do with the W’s carved in the heads of the walkers in past episodes?

Glen, Tara and Noah, get assigned jobs as supply runners and head out with Deanna’s son Aiden and Nicholas. They find the 2 have a walker tied up to torture in revenge on some friends deaths. These guys seem sadistic, and a fight ensues between Aiden and Glen.


After getting back to Alexandria, Glen and Aiden fight, Deanna intervenes and announces that Rick and his group are to be treated as equals. She then asks Rick and Michonne to be the town’s constables. They accept. What will this mean for our group? Will they fall in place and become weak as Carl and Carol fear? “We won’t get weak,” Rick assures her. “That’s not in us anymore. We’ll make it work. And if they can’t make it? Then we’ll just take this place.”

Really Rick? Hmm..

A sneak peek at Next Sunday’s Walking Dead EP 513, Forget




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