The Walking Dead S5 – Ep 513- Forget

Well, well folks…Did you enjoy the episode filled with cookies, a party and a horse? I for one, was less than happy with the demise of Buttons the horse. It seems that every time there is a sweet little piece of a good thing, the creators of The Walking Dead, get to stick it to us!

Sasha, can’t sleep. She lies awake staring at all the pretty and perfect framed photos of happy people hanging in her room. Sasha is a time bomb waiting to go off. She stops off at the armory and gets her weapon form Olivia. Olivia jokes that she would like Sasha to save her a leg (ie; Memory of Bob) of a boar if she bags one. Sasha then goes target shooting at all the perfect framed photos of the happy people. “Come and get me,” she says, on alert for walkers.


Rick, Carol and Daryl decide to have a little clandestine meeting in the woods. These three are less than resolved with what seems a peaceful safe community, and take it upon themselves to get some guns from the armory in Alexandria. They set up a plan and while in the woods, stumble upon a lone walker and shoot it. What they see, is a foreshadowing of events to come. The walker has a W carved in its forehead! Is this in reference to the scene of dead walkers back at Noah’s community? Does it stand for Wolves, in reference to the words painted on the wall there or the magazine that creepy Enid owns? Hmmm…

Party Time in Alexandria

Deanna throws a welcome party for the gang, insisting that Sasha be there and Rick, Carl, and Judith all go. Here we have a run in with Pete, Jessie’s husband, who is sporting an “A” marked in red on his hand. Thoughts abound back to Terminus. Jessie introduces Rick to her husband who bullies Rick into a drink.  Sam stamps an “A” on Rick’s hand, making Rick an honorary member of their family. Is drinking a problem for Pete? What do you think? We have a lovely neighborhood gathering here, cookies, drinks, gossip. This shakes Sasha up and she loses it for a bit.


Carol is Awesome!

Carol steals away to sneak into the armory for the guns hoping no one sees her. But alas, poor little Sam, Jessie’s son. sneaks away after her and catches her in the act. What happens next is epic!  Carol talks very softly to the boy, telling him that this is a secret. Then from sweet to sinister in seconds, she tells him that he will wake up one morning tied to a tree in the woods and the walkers will come rip him apart and eat him, and no one will ever know what happened to him! “Or,” she tells a petrified Sam, “you can promise not to ever tell anyone what you saw. And then nothing will happen. And you’ll get cookies.” Wow! I was shocked, but I laughed out loud! Go Carol, Homemaker and Bad Ass of the year!



Food for thought

Speaking of food, Carol decides to make some cookies for the welcome party that Deanna throws for our group. Not many items available for the recipe, but “homemaker” Carol does just fine!  Here is the recipe…


A sad day for Buttons


Daryl goes hunting and runs into Aaron. Together they find a horse. His name is Buttons. The work together to try and wrangle  him. The two eventually catch up with the horse in time to see it mauled by a herd of walkers. Aaron shoots the horse to end its suffering.Yea, not my favorite part. Gives me the shivers. Later Aaron sees Daryl walking past the house and invites him in for dinner. “Spaghetti Tuesday” is what rung out in my mind! After eating, Aaron shows Daryl the motorcycle and parts in the garage. He wants Daryl to be a new recruiter for the community. Aaron picked Daryl, he says, because Daryl knows the difference between a good person and a bad person. Daryl accepts. Did anyone catch Daryl’s eyes light up like a little boy here? Sweet!



Something’s brewing here

Rick goes on his street patrol. He sees Jesse strolling with Pete. She holds up her hand, displaying her “A” stamp. He responds by flashing his own. Staring at Pete, Rick instinctively reaches for his pistol. There is something brewing here people! Take my word for it. Creepier still, is the final scene, where Rick hears a walker on the other side of the fence and almost lovingly strokes the fence! Was anybody bothered by this? Let me know.

Sneak peek of Ep 514 Spend


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