The Walking Dead S5 – Ep.514 Spend

Oh my Lord! What an episode! Were you shocked, confused or totally grossed out? I will have to hand it to the creators, this was one heck of an episode!

It appears that the majority of our group are trying to adjust to life in Alexandria. I use the word appears sparingly though, as trouble abounds in this episode titled “Spend”. It seems that Father Gabriel is losing his mind , so to speak. He gets a welcome basket of strawberries with a note attached,  “Father we are so blessed to have you!” Regardless, this sets him off to feeling guilty for being there and he goes on a Bible ripping spree. What the heck is up with his behavior?


Noah has a heartfelt meeting with Reg, Deanna’s husband and asks if Reg can teach him how to build things. “So you’re in it for the long haul?” Reg asks. He gives Noah a journal to chronicle everything he learns.


“This is the beginning,” he says. “You should record all that.”




Jessie’s owl sculpture has been vandalized! Rick comes over and offers to help find out who did it. I have the feeling that I know who did it! What do you think?

Aiden, Glenn, Tara, Noah, Eugene and Nicholas gear up for a supply run to find parts to fix broken solar panels. I really don’t know how this will go, but Deanna thanks Glenn again. That was strange I thought. Glenn suggests they case all the exits before entering. Nicholas scoffs at the idea but Aiden agrees with Glenn. Tara and Eugene patrol the outside of the warehouse and take out a few walkers. She reminds him that he has to start pulling his weight, and he reminds her, what a coward he is.


Things quickly fall apart as they all converge in the warehouse to look for the replacement parts. They find a group of walkers in a cage and a walker in riot gear appears. Aiden tries to shoot it, but can’t get thru the gear. As it is poised to attack him, the others shoot and hit a grenade attached to the vest. Kaboom! Well that wasn’t very good! The explosion impales Aiden on some machinery and blows the gate open, letting the walkers loose. It also severely injured Tara. They work to get Aiden free but to no avail. Aiden confesses to Glenn, that it was he and Nick that were responsible for their four friends deaths. They were scared and ran. With that, Aiden is attacked and eaten by the now released walkers. c49fae82-db65-7653-729a-c34ab16cdf91_TWD_514_GP_1029_0168

Eugene comes through for Tara. He decides that he won’t be a coward anymore. He picks her up and kills a few walkers and gets outside to the van. Glenn and Noah and Nick are trying to find a way out from the warehouse and the advancing group of walkers. They get stuck in a revolving door to the outside ,when Nick decides to take off and run for the weapon that’s outside. This traps Glenn and Noah on opposite sides of the door. The crush is too much and the walkers advance on the door squeezing Noah out!

Noah screams “don’t let go!”, as the walkers pull him into their grasp and start ripping him apart and all Glenn can do is watch! Who else screamed out loud at this? I liked Noah immensely, he was a good guy.


Out at the construction site, Abraham saves the day when a group of walkers converge and almost kill the lookout. The Alexandria workers take off running like scared rabbits leaving the girl to die. Abraham steps up, saves the girl and takes charge, and then talks them into the continued work at the site. Deanna learns of this and agrees to put Abraham in charge of construction. Another of our group is in power now, and I don’t think Deanna is very happy about it.



Back at the warehouse, Eugene has saved the day. He drives the van past the walkers and lures them away from Glenn and Nick. Glenn is really upset over Noah’s death and gives Nick a few good punches. Eugene has come through. Has he gotten over his cowardice? He watches over Tara as Glenn drives back to Alexandria.


Gabriel visits Deanna to tell her that she should not have let Rick’s group into her community. “They’re not good people,” he warns. “They’ve done unspeakable things.” Deanna says Rick already confessed to doing bad things in the name of survival, but Gabriel insists the group will eventually put their own lives before hers and destroy everything she has built. Maggie overhears the entire exchange. Will she go to Rick and let him know? What will be done about this?

Carol talks to Sam, he has become quite the little pest. He said he needs a gun for protection. That  really gets Carol thinking and she pays Jessie and Peter a visit. Peter says it’s not a good time. He won’t let her speak to Jessie. Carol informs Rick of her suspicions. Peter is likely beating Jessie, and maybe Sam too!

“You’re going to have to kill him,” she says.

With only 2 episodes left to the season, what do you think will be the cliff hanger? Will Rick kill Peter? What will be done with Father Gabriel and what will Deanna do when she finds out her son is dead? I can’t wait to find out!

Sneak peek at Ep 515 Try

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