The real owl appears!

Tokyo Ghoul Review: Deluge of Flowers

In Tokyo Ghoul: Deluge of Flowers, the real owl has finally showed up. It does not look like the CCG will be winning this battle anymore. The Owl kills nearly every CCG member that attacked Yoshimura. The main difference between Yoshimura and the real Owl is the fact that the real Owl looks, acts, and sounds like a complete monster. The voice acting for this was amazing. Despite the appearance of the Owl, the childlike laughter made me feel a little nervous. I can only imagine how the other CCG members felt once they realized what kind of monster they were fighting.


Juuzou is the only one who survived the attack by the real Owl. It seems as if this is the first time he has ever been truly scared for his life. He freezes and he is not sure what to do once the Owl sets his eyes on him. Shinohara realizes this and he risks his life in order to save Juuzou. Juuzou has never acted as if he cared about anyone. This is the first time we get to see the remnants of human emotion within Juuzou. Shinohara loved and protected him as if he was his son and I think Juuzou realized that.


In the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul Juuzou was the kind of character that no one really understood. We learned more about him as time passed. Once I learned about everything he has gone through, I began to feel sorry for him. It helped me understand his actions a little better. Now he has lost the only person who cared about him. He is powerless. There is nothing he can do now to save Shinohara or defeat the owl. Despite this fact, he continues to try. He gets weaker with every attempt but refuses to back down. I hated and loved this scene at the same time. It was heartbreaking to watch Juuzou break down like this. It was maddening to watch the Owl toy with him and laugh at him.


The rest of Aogiri showed up the same time the Owl did. Things look bad for the rest of the CCG members. They had a hard enough time trying to take down the Devil Apes and the Dobers. They barely got out of that unscathed. They do not stand a chance against the seasoned and far more vicious members of Aogiri.


Seidou does his best to act brave in front of Akira. However, that is nearly impossible to do once Tatara appears. Everyone around him is being slaughtered. He knows that he will die next. He cannot deal with this and eventually freaks out. Tatara does not give him a peaceful death. After all, he has some serious issues with Seidou’s mentor.


Amon and Kaneki meet again for one final showdown. I am really going to miss the relationship between Kaneki and Amon. They both had the same views of the world. I think they would have been friends if they were not a part of two opposing sides of the same battle. Amon tries so hard to hate Kaneki. However, he has been confused by Kaneki’s actions since the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul. When they first met, Kaneki didn’t want to kill him. He begged Amon to help him. In addition, he saves the lives of other CCG members even though he will be killed on sight. None of this makes any sense to Amon. This is especially the case after Amon saw the worst in Kaneki. They changed each other’s lives. Kaneki made Amon question his opinion on ghouls. Amon was the voice that talked Kaneki out of insanity. They do not have any personal reason to fight each other. However, it seems that destiny has different plans in mind.


Arima Kishou finally shows up to the fight. This shifts the odds back in the favor of the CCG. He is the strongest and most feared CCG member out there. He has never lost a fight to a ghoul. In fact, he manages to wound the Owl while coming out unscathed. This sends the Aogiri packing. However, the Owl takes Yoshimura with him before they escape.


Despite everything Kaneki has done to protect Anteiku, he has lost it all. He was afraid of being alone. This was one of the main fears that drove all of his actions. What he thought was the right path turned out to be the path that isolated him. Kaneki’s doubts caused the destruction of everything he loved. However, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. The episode ends with a confrontation between Hide and Kaneki.


There was a big reveal in Tokyo Ghoul: Deluge of Flowers. As it turns out, Sen Takatsuki is actually the owl. You may also remember her as Eto. Although I’m happy Yoshimura is finally reunited with his child, I can only wonder what her real motives are. Why did she save the father that left her to die?


Tokyo Ghoul: Root A has finally reached a climax. Everything is starting to come together. The Anteiku raid is over. Even though some questions have been answered, I’m left with even more. Various major events from the manga were included in this episode. However, they were rearranged and some were even omitted. I cannot help but wonder if the ending will be the same as the manga. Smaller details have been emphasized while some of the larger details have been left out. We can only wait and see.

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