Kaneki carries Hide through the district.

Tokyo Ghoul: Root A Review S2E12 FINALE

Tokyo Ghoul: Root A ends with episode 12. Titled “Ken”, this episode shows us the horrible aftermath of the raid on Anteiku. All of the characters are overwhelmed by tragedy and sadness. However, the anticipated reunion between Hide and Kaneki finally happens in this episode of Tokyo Ghoul: Root A. Unfortunately, the happiness that should be felt here does not last very long. As it turns out Hide was attacked during the raid. He does not have long to live. What should have been a reunion between two long lost friends turns into a goodbye. They never really had the chance to talk about everything that has happened since Kaneki was attacked at the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul. Kaneki is finally able to get the closure that he has desperately needed. Hide knew about everything this whole time. He has accepted Kaneki from the very beginning.


Once again, Kaneki left a loved one alone in order to protect them. It ended up killing Hide. Kaneki was afraid of being shunned by his friend. He did not think he had a place in the world. Now he feels guilty for being so wrapped up in his own problems that he did not stop to think about trying to support someone who has always been there for him. His obsession with being alone and trying to protect the ones closest to him was his own downfall. He never stopped to think about how his decisions were affecting the ones around him. Hide was left alone after Kaneki left. He began to feel like an outsider at the Anteiku shop. Despite this fact, he did everything he could to try to help Kaneki. He even tried his best to learn as much as possible in order to understand him. Hide pours his heart out during this reunion while Kaneki listens quietly. When Hide asks Kaneki to take him home, Kaneki finally realizes that he has had a home this entire time. He had a home with Anteiku, with his loved ones, and with Hide. He was always accepted regardless of his actions and regardless of who he has become. There is nowhere else for Kaneki to go. He carries Hide’s body through the remains of the battlefield.


An iconic image was used to promote the second season of Tokyo Ghoul. It reminded me of an image of Daryl carrying Beth’s dead body that was used to promote a Walking Dead episode. It featured Kaneki carrying a body that is covered in a white sheet. I originally thought that he would be carrying Touka’s body. We all know now that the body covered in the white sheet is Hide.


The rest of the episode shows us the result of the fight between the CCG and the ghouls. I loved the way they used silence and an acoustic version of the season’s theme song to show us just how terrible things have become. Despair is everywhere. The finale of Tokyo Ghoul: Root A is a visually amazing episode.


While Kaneki is walking with Hide, Touka is thinking about everything in her life. She grew up at Anteiku. This place gave her the chance to enjoy her life. All of that is gone now. What will she do? She tries to go after Kaneki but she is stopped by Yomo. Perhaps Yomo does not want Touka to see the aftermath of the battle. Maybe he wants Kaneki to find his own way. Kaneki is destined to be by himself.


While Kaneki is walking through the district, we are able to see more of the chaos around him. Fallen soldiers and ghouls are everywhere. Mourning comrades are so wrapped up in their losses that they do not pay much attention to the ghoul walking around with a dead body. Every other living ghoul is in hiding. The injured are still suffering as the living do what they can to save them. Who really won? Was all of the pain and death worth this battle between ghouls and humans? There is nothing left but fear, chaos, and pain.


Kaneki meets Arima at the end of the episode. He is the undefeated member of the CCG who was able to make the real Owl run away. What happens next is unclear. It is safe to assume that Arima killed Kaneki. Arima can be seen with his weapon drawn.


We also get to see what happened to Touka after the raid. Some time has passed since the raid on Anteiku. Touka has set up a new coffee shop in town. She has finally fulfilled her dreams. Just like Yoshimura, she brings people together through the coffee shop.


Despite the fact that this was a good enough episode, there are still a lot of questions that have not been answered. We do not know what happened to most of the characters that were introduced in the show. Because of this, there was a lot that could have been better about this finale. For example, we do not know what happened after Eto took Yoshimura. We do not know what happened to Irima and Koma after they were saved by Kaneki. The season ended too abruptly and left too many loose ends.

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