Geek Buy: Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki 1/8 Scale Awakened ArtFX J

By: Robert Prentice
Tokyo Ghoul

FUNimation, who has the streaming and home video release rights for Tokyo Ghoul in North America, got a first look at an upcoming collectible figure that is sure to make you crack your knuckles. Kotobukiya is bringing Ken Kaneki to its ARTFXJ lineup. This line up is famous for being a bold expansion whose purpose is to bring classic Japanese characters to fans worldwide. This is the first collectible figure to be made for the Tokyo Ghoul property and what better choice than the main character in is fully expressed half-ghoul form.

Once a normal university freshman, Ken received the transplant of a ghoul organ which gave him his abilities and alternate form which he shows off here. The half-ghoul stands on a broken rubble base in a relaxed pose, ready to attack. Ken wears a tattered gray shirt and white shorts… but that’s just the remains of his human life. Crawling up his neck and over his face is his horrific ghoul mask complete with eye patch, though his rictus grin and one solid black eye are exposed. Of course, being awakened means that the half-ghoul’s “kagune” is released; Ken’s takes the form of four thick, tongue-like tentacles protruding from his back and undulating around him! A highly detailed sculpt and masterful paint applications make the half man/half monster a truly impressive display piece.

Expected release is September 2015. You can Pre-Order your copy here.

Don’t forget to catchup on the anime season 1 and Root A (Season 2) by visiting FUNimation.com

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