Helix – S2 Ep 12 – The Ascendant – Review


The most recent episode of Helix that aired on Friday April 3, 2015 left me feeling really awful!  It was balancing on the line of too much, too upsetting, too disgusting and close to tipping over.   I can’t imagine how things will get tied together during this week’s episode to finish the season.  There is so much going on, and there are so many crazy story lines.  It’s hard to believe that the season won’t finish with bits and pieces left unanswered.   It seems to me that there is so much to pull together that it feels like they will need more than one hour.  Still, despite feeling more and more upset after each episode,  I find myself hoping that Helix will get a third season.

This week’s creepy/happy music is The Flower Duet from Lakme, by Leo Delibes
Here is a quote about this piece of music from a music blog  “This duet has been used for several advertising campaigns, including British Airways and Godiva Chocolate.  It has also been used in many movies, such as Chicken Little; Meet the Parents, and The American President.  It is usually used to portray decadence, even though the lyrics are juxtaposed with, the gorgeously ear melting harmonies between the two voices.”  It is used at the beginning of the show while we see Anne and Peter chopping all the dead CDC people up into pieces and dumping the pieces into barrels; then showering together to get the blood off  themselves  which of course leads to sex.  We hear this lovely duet accompanying the violent and sinister duet that Anne and Peter seem to be performing.


What is The Ascendant?  What does it refer to?
From Wikipedia:
“The Ascendant is the zodiacal sign and degree that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of an event.  Because the ascendant is specific to a particular time and place, to astrologers it signifies the individual environment and conditioning that a person receives during their upbringing, and also the circumstances of their childhood.”
Each main character has had experiences in their upbringings that seem to have a part in how they are behaving now.

Peter:  The abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and the insecurity that this has caused, and the intense sibling rivalry that has led to Peter’s constant need to compete with Alan.  Peter has completely lost his grip on reality and decency, assuming he had a grip on them in the first place.

Anne:   Growing up in the incestuous, unreal, and precarious atmosphere that Michael devised at the Abbey, has clearly given Anne a twisted view of what is right and what is wrong.

Alan:  He grew up in the same atmosphere that Peter did, but I have a feeling he was treated with a semblance of respect that Peter never had.  Alan was Peter’s caretaker, he has continued that into adulthood, and is also trying to care for others.

Kyle:  We know that he was bullied as a child; as a result it seems that he needs to make sure that Soren is safe.

Amy and Landry:  They grew up in the same atmosphere that Anne did, so their sense of right and wrong and of reality has also been turned upside down.  I still believe that it was Landry(Landrimotto) who dragged Amy off and not Peter.

Sarah:  We don’t know as much about her background, what we do know is that she was a prodigy and finished school at a very young age.  Being younger than everyone else probably made socializing difficult for her, she likely also spent less time with family and other people since she would have been studying all the time.  She is looking to invent a family for herself by obsessing about the “immortaletus” and describing herself as a mother.

Julie:  Her upbringing with Hatake was bizarre, being a recent immortal; she is looking to find her place in the immortal/Ilaria world.

Anne and Peter have renamed Peter as Eli.  Eli is a Hebrew baby name meaning high, ascended, or ‘my god’.  I wonder how Peter thinks he will live up to Michael’s role in the congregation.   Anne had her toes chopped off by Sarah, she was bleeding a lot; I wonder if she will recover from this?  If she doesn’t make it, how will Peter/Eli continue without being told what to do by Anne? Sarah is trying to find another incubator and finds the birthing chamber and orders Anne to release them all from their torture.  How will they survive?

Soren has been told by his mother (Olivia) to hide, she knows that Anne and Peter are planning to kill all the CDC people, she doesn’t want Soren near any of that.  Soren is hiding and sees Kyle trying to avoid being killed by what’s left of the congregation and pulls him into his hiding spot.  Horrifically, Peter confronts Olivia about whether she told the CDC people to leave, and they are right in front of Soren and Kyle’s hiding spot.  Soren watches as Peter kills her.  Poor kid, he is devastated, luckily Kyle is there for him.  Soren says, “Now I’m all alone”.   Kyle tells him, “I’ll be your family”.  This is very sweet.   Cameron Brodeur is a very talented little actor.


Alan and Jules have been looking for the “mother tree”; this is what the mother root came from.  Jules finds a painting of the tree and cuts the painting out of its frame so that she can look at maps to figure out where the tree is.  After using the stars in the painting as a guide to the location, they discover that the tree is under the Abbey.  They go down into the basement to find the root system and find that the fungus in the soil around the roots is what Jules is looking for.  Earlier, Alan had said that he needed to “finish the job” and pulled a gun out of his pack.  While in the basement with Jules he pulls the gun out and points it at her, she of course also has one and pulls it out.  The episode ends with a black screen and a gun shot.  We don’t know who is shot.  Is it Jules, who is immortal and thus can heal?  Or is it Alan, who we know died on the island, and we know that Jules is alive 30 years later when she comes back?


I am still amazed that there is only one episode left in the season, I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it gets pulled together this week.


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