Helix – S2 Ep13 – O Brave New World – Review


“If the plague is immortality, then there’s only one cure.”  Dr. Julia Walker

This is the final episode of the second season of Helix.  I hope it gets renewed so we can find out what happens to everyone past this episode.  There are still some questions in my mind; it’s definitely been left open for a 3rd season.

Our happy/creepy music for this episode is another Burt Bachrach song.

“I Say a Little Prayer For You”, sung by Dionne Warwick

Here are a few of the lyrics:

The moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup
I say a little prayer for you
While combing my hair, now
And wonder what dress to wear, now
I say a little prayer for you

Forever, forever, you’ll stay in my heart
And I will love you
Forever, and ever, we never will part
Oh, how I’ll love you
Together, together, that’s how it must be
To live without you
Would only mean heartbreak for me

I run for the bus, dear
While riding I think of us, dear
I say a little prayer for you
At work, I just take time
And all through my coffee break-time
I say a little prayer for you

Forever, forever, you’ll stay in my heart
And I will love you
Forever, and ever, we never will part
Oh, how I’ll love you
Together, together, that’s how it must be
To live without you
Would only mean heartbreak for me

We also see the beach scene from “From Here to Eternity”.  In the background of one of the last scenes.

There are two days in this final episode of the season, Day 13 and Day 14.  Plus we spend quite a bit of time in the future, 30 years later.

Day 13

Things come to a head on the island as everyone tries to get their agenda’s to a point where they can leave the island with the expected rescue helicopter.

Alan – At the end of the last episode someone had been shot, we don’t know if it is Julia or Alan.  It’s Alan, he is not well, he’s lost quite a bit of blood. Even though she shot him, Julia stitches him up.  He gets attacked by Peter and ends up lying in the middle of a circle of fire on top of the giant stump of the mother tree.

Julia – She has a few adventures, she is focused on finding a way to get off the island with “mother”.  She ends up rescuing Alan from the fire.

Peter – He is up to no good as usual.  He instigates another Farragut “brotherly love” moment and tries to kill Alan.

Helix - Season 2

He and Anne are trying to find “mother”, hoping to cash in on the power that they think Ilaria will provide them.  At the end of the day he wheels Anne out of the burning Abbey while he goes back in to find the baby.  “I’m his father.”

Anne – She’s clearly in pain from her toe amputation, thus spends her time in a wheel chair.  She waits for Peter up in Michael’s office.

Kyle and Soren – They stick together.  Soren seems emotionless.  Kyle is sensitive to it and tries to cheer him up talking about pizza, sleep, and playstation.  They talk about names for the cure.  Kyle suggests “Sorenall”, Soren says that he wants it to be called “Olivia”, after his mother. They smell smoke, leave the lab, and see the Abbey burning up.  Kyle’s radio sounds and it is the USS Independence calling telling them that they are sending a rescue helicopter.  Now they need to find Sarah.


Sarah – She spends her time doing what she can to protect her “immoraletus”.

Amy and Landry – She is evil, he is pitiful.  They are both hideous.  The makeup is amazing, it all looks so uncomfortable and must be hard to act in.  Kudos to Alison Louder and Sean Tucker for their dedication to their characters!

Alison Lauder and Sean Tuck, how cute are they?

Alison Lauder and Sean Tucker, how cute are they?

Amy spends day 13 plotting revenge on anyone and everyone, especially her “immortal sisters”.  Poor Landry he must follow along with her.  She speaks with Anne.  Anne tells her, “there’s still hope for us”.  Amy’s response is, “there’s no hope, you may not look like us, but inside you are a monster!”  She grabs the baby and leaves. At one point when Landry is holding the baby, he tells Amy that the baby “is his friend”, her response is to tell him “you have no friends!”  After she sets a trap to have Sarah attacked, it backfires and the “sisters” (the poor women who were forced to be “vessels” for Michael) attack Amy instead.  They pull her teeth out. She had it coming!  In the meantime, Landry does nothing to help her and leaves with the baby.

Day 14 – The day after rescue.

First thing we see fluorescent ceiling lights going by.  Alan is on a stretcher with Sarah and Julia on either side.
Kyle and Soren are walking down a different hall.
This is where we hear Dionne Warwick singing about “forever and ever”.

Kyle and Soren hand over 17 vials of the cure.  Soren makes sure they know it’s called “Olivia”.

Peter and Anne are together in a hospital room looking all smug.  Julia sees them and says, “Peter, you opportunistic prick, where is mother!”  We hear a voice from behind the privacy curtain saying “here”.  It’s Claire from Ilaria.  When Julia asks her about Narvik-C, Claire tells her that she and Ilaria “know nothing about it”.  I wonder if Ilaria set her up to go to the island for the cure knowing she would succeed with the threat of genocide was an urgent incentive.

An official looking person asks Kyle if “we have everything we need to arrest Dr. Farragut”.  Kyle tells him what Alan told him. First Bank of Atlanta, safety deposit box 274.  Then we see Peter being lead away in handcuffs.  He looks over his shoulder at Soren with an evil, creepy, ‘I’m going to get you’ look.

In the meantime, Sarah is waiting in what looks like a pediatric waiting area.  A doctor walks in, she looks up and he shakes his head sadly.  Behind him there is a TV with the beach scene from “From Here to Eternity”.  A foreshadowing of someone’s “eternity”?  When we see Sarah next, she is in Alan’s hospital room locking the door.  I was left wondering if she was planning to kill him.

30 Years Later – year 2029

Throughout the episode we flash forward to Julia on St. Germaine in the future.  She is very sick from DXM-7, the virus that is killing immortals.  Caleb is taking care of her and tells her he was here 30 years ago.  He also tells her he can read the letters on Hatake’s sword.  After he tells her, she says it’s an RNA sequence, and it is a recipe for the DXM-7 virus.  She’s incredulous, her father was working to spread immortality, not kill it off.  She wants more answers, and Caleb cryptically tells her that she first must tell him if she “knows the way to San Jose”.  She eventually remembers that she and Alan got married while on the way to San Jose and that Alan had said to her, “Your love is going to kill me”. Caleb decides to tell her what he knows, first thing is to remove his left eye – HE’S SOREN!


He is drawing some of his own blood to give to Julia.  It turns out that Alan and Hatake were working together to develop DXM-7, and Soren is the cure.  Julia says, “but they were always at odds”.  Caleb/Soren’s response is that “they found common ground” and engineered this virus to kill immortals.  Alan hid Soren on the island.  Julia doesn’t want to be saved. Caleb/Soren wants her to take it, she wishes she could see Alan one more time.  At the end of this scene we see Caleb/Soren nodding his head.

A quick flash back to day 14, Alan is in the hospital room waking up.  He pulls all his tubes and monitors off, gets up, washes his face and looks in the mirror.  HE HAS SILVER EYES!!  (Now there’s more Dionne Warwick singing to us about forever and ever.) I believe that Sarah’s immortaletus didn’t make it so she took the stem cells and injected them into Alan while he was unconscious.  The ultimate pay back for Alan’s determination to eliminate immortals!


Back to 2029, there is an Ilaria commercial for the fresh foods they have engineered to be “safe, we pledge a commitment to the stewardship of the future”. The future of male infertility and Ilaria’s population control.  At the end of the commercial we see that it is playing on a TV in a waiting room full of women.  One of them is called, she’s taken back to an exam room and is told that they have a 98% success rate for live births and that it is a rigorous 9 month commitment.  She is taken to see the doctor who is in a giant open tower with layers and layers of pods, each with a pregnant woman in it where they are kept until they give birth.  The doctor turns around, it is Dr. Sarah Jordan!  My immediate thought was of the birthing chamber at the Abbey, this is a cleaner version of that.

Season 3?

Oh Helix, what the Helix?  So much craziness.  I’m left with a slew of questions,

Peter, he’s in prison, and no doubt planning his revenge.

Alan, he’s immortal, will we see how he got to the point of working with Hatake?  When did he and Julia lose track of each other?

Does Julia take the cure?  Does she see Alan again?

What happens with Kyle?  Did Soren stay with him?  When did Alan send Soren to the island?

Sarah, how did she end up at the birthing center? Was this her “deal with the devil”?  The birthing center has lots of opportunity for disaster and drama.

What happens to Anne and the baby?

Are we sure that Amy and Landry are dead?  I won’t believe it until there is a dead body.

What was in the safety deposit box in Atlanta?  Is it DXM-7?


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