Indie Comic Spotlight ‘Queen’ – A Political Thriller

By: Robert Prentice
Jamie Me Queen

Queen is a political thriller about Emily Green, and how she ended up in a room with a dead Prime Minister. The gun that killed Daniel Camden is directly in front of her, but how did the top two political figures in the United Kingdom get to this point? T​he British public are dying to find out.


Queen – Emily Green Concept Art By B​ernadinus Gita

(Press Release) The story will explore a time period in the life of Emily Green while she is struggling to cope with her life decisions. She is proud to serve her country as Deputy Prime Minister, but she wanted more. She wanted to change Britain for the better and believes her government is only serving it’s own interests. A phone call will change everything.

On artistic duties is seasoned veteran B​ernadinus Gita.​The Batam, Indonesia, resident stole the job from many talented candidates with his incredible art style, work ethic and enthusiasm for the project. Upon talking to the talented artist it was obvious to Jamie that a rapport was building, and that a combination of talents would yield the level of product he desired. The finishes touches of the project after the artist has finished the lineart, and flatting is completed, will see young coloring talent J​ake Kless​team up again with the Queen creator. The two first collaborated on a 2 page comic called ‘Made In America’ back in 2014*.

The project itself will be hitting Kickstarter in May with a projected timeline that runs with the UK general election, results and aftermath. The amount asked for will be a humble one, highly achievable, and all money invested so far has come from the writers new lettering career and personal savings. Planning for this project has taken a full year, and has allowed for a higher than usual level of preview. We are happy to announce that the project will feature a fully lettered six page preview to, no pun intended, kick things off.

About Jamie Mewas & The History of Queen


Queen – Emily Green Concept Art By B​ernadinus Gita

The project started back in 2013 when the writer J​amie Me​was receiving therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. While struggling to come to terms with a mental condition he found escape by creating a world in his mind where he could confront some of the themes he feared: corruption, racism, sexism and wanting to have control. The character he dreamed about used hacking, a method used to access information illegally, as a means of manipulating the world to how they wanted it using their own unique ideology.

Back in 2013 it wasn’t possible for Jamie to turn this story into a work of fiction. His condition prevented him from going outside, interacting with people and from even touching a computer for an extended period of time. Fast forward to 2015 and with the help of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy he is managing, progressing rapidly, and seeking to bring an important part of his journey towards better mental health alive for all to read.

Follow Jamie and Queen on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out of the upcoming Kickstarter in May.

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