Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire Volume Three Review

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Volume three of Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire contains chapters 16 – 23 of the story. The first five pages of the volume are in color. These five pages include a table of contents, a brief overview of what happened in the past volumes, and the final moments from the previous volume. I loved being able to see Nanan in full color as her tentacles chopped away at Kapoor’s arm. Guns do not do anything to hurt Nanan, despite the fact that Ricky tries to shoot at her.


After attacking Kapoor, it appears that Nanan kisses him. This seems to be how she transfers the virus to her victims. Kapoor is severely injured and it becomes apparent that he will not survive. He knows that he will be turning soon and he begs Ricky to kill him. Ricky is still unable to kill another person. However, once Kapoor turns and tries to attack, Ricky takes care of the job. He is having such a hard time trying to adjust to the events that are taking place around him. Kapoor is dead and is uncle has been attacked.


Ricky is finally able to convince the Mother to contact the BSAA. They are the only ones who are able to take down Nanan. Unfortunately, it might be too late. He eventually figures out who has been controlling Nanan. The confrontation between these two makes Ricky even more doubtful. Bindi explains what happened to her and Nanan. We finally figure out why they originally tried to run away from the school the night Nanan was killed. As it turns out, the Mother has a history of covering up anything that could harm the reputation of the school. Nanan was suffering through severe cases of bullying. In fact, she was attacked by five male students and nothing was done about it. I can only imagine the kind of hatred that Bindi began to feel after this incident. When Bindi and Nanan tried to run away from the school in order to tell others about what happened, Nanan was killed during the struggle. After Nanan’s death was covered up, Bindi began to lose herself in revenge.


They were best friends. Nanan was tough but there was no way for Bindi to know how long she could have been able to handle the abuse that she suffered from nearly everyone in the school. These tragic events are what caused the chain of events that have cost so many people their lives. Bindi is angry and in a lot of pain. She wanted to find a way to make the Mother come clean about everything. The Mother remains just as stubborn as Bindi.


The mysterious hooded figure that we met in volume two is the person who gives her the chance to punish the Mother. Bindi uses mysterious medicine to bring Nanan back. This is her chance to stand up to Mother Gracia. Of course, revenge always has a way of driving people insane. Good intentions eventually become corrupted when revenge is involved.


So far, the only people that have been attacked are the people who played a part in Nanan’s death. During the final showdown, things get crazy. This last part of the manga is so packed with action, fear, and death that I could barely contain my excitement. Bindi actually injects herself with the “medicine”. In the end, she becomes more of a monster than the people she hates. After doing so, she infects everyone outside with the virus. This turns the secluded school into another Raccoon City. It does not look like there is any hope for the students. Every way out of the school has been destroyed. Ricky is alone and left to see the chaos around him. Zombies are eating classmates and teachers. Students are screaming everywhere and killing each other in order to survive. Those that do survive do not last very long. Others have even killed themselves out of fear.


The end of the manga is simply beautiful to me. Bindi’s transformation is incredible. When she is shot in the head, she becomes a deformed monster. She is no longer the Bindi she used to be. Her appearance matches what is left of her mind. The final confrontation between Bindi, Ricky, and the Mother causes him to lose all hope. He does not even know if his uncle is alive. He knows that he cannot fight all of the zombies in the school by himself. Everyone is dead and the academy is in ruins. Ricky feels completely lost. After watching the chaos around him, he eventually tries to kill himself. The agents from the BSAA come to the rescue and save him. Hope has returned for Ricky. However, it seems there might not be any more survivors.

Courtney Sanders