Seraph of the End Episode 4 Review: Vampire Mikaela

We are still being introduced to new characters in the fourth episode of Seraph of the End. In addition, we are given an explanation concerning how Mikaela became a vampire. Even though he has been forced to drink the vampire queen’s blood in order to become a vampire, he still has the same human values that he had before. Unfortunately, he is not the same happy child that he was before. I was happy to see that Mikaela has not been brainwashed by the other vampires around him.


He should have died the day Yu escaped the vampires’ clutches. However, we learn that Mikaela and Yu have a very important future ahead of them. The Vampire Queen needed them alive. In order to keep him alive and well, she had no choice but to force him to drink her blood. While it seems as if Mikaela has matured over the years, it is obvious that Yu refuses to grow up. He still has the same temper that he had in the past. He is still consumed by revenge. He refuses to work with the people around him despite the fact that teamwork is the only way to survive a war against vampires.


Over the years, Mikaela has grown into a vampire who has been able to keep part of his humanity.

Over the years, Mikaela has grown into a vampire who has been able to keep part of his humanity.


Episode four of Seraph of the End also reveals a new rival for Yu. Shihou is just as stubborn as Yu. The fact that the share the same attitude towards life made it obvious that they would begin to work together in the future. Shihou has his own problems concerning family. In addition, he has his own agenda. He joined the Japanese Imperial Army in order to pay for his sister’s medical treatment. Unfortunately, Guren believes that Shihou may not be able to keep his heart pure in order to control Cursed Gear. It might be quite easy for a demon to seduce him with promises of saving his sister.




My favorite thing about Seraph of the End: Vampire Mikaela is the fact that we can finally see what is going on from the perspective of the vampires. Mikaela gives us a glance at this other world and we are able to learn more about what is actually going on in the story. In the first episode of Seraph of the End, the vampires seemingly showed up out of nowhere in order to take control of humankind. It seemed as if they took advantage of humans during their weakest moment of history. However, it appears that there might be more to the story. The vampires want to wage war against humans. The humans are blamed for what happened eight years ago. Are the humans really the cause of all of this chaos? Where were the vampires before any of this happened? Seraph of the End refers to a secret experiment that was conducted by humans eight years ago. Could this experiment be the cause of everything?


The only thing that I do not like about Seraph of the End is the high school drama associated with the series. It seems a bit too far-fetched at times. Even though the high school setting provides some necessary humor, I was hoping for something a little more different. The high school setting nearly makes it hard to believe the characters are in a post-apocalyptic world.

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