The Messengers Ep 1: Awakening

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His name was Death, and Hell followed with him! ”


Do you believe in Angels? Millions of people do, including me. Do you believe in the Devil?  You will. The CW has brought us yet another great show called The Messengers. It is exciting, scary, interesting and relevant. I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere episode, Awakening. The story is set in modern day, has complex, likeable characters and they all have back stories that will inspire you. They are not perfect people. They all have faults. But because of this, I think, they are chosen; Chosen to be the saviors of the human race, against the threat of an evil “Man”.


Somewhere in the Southwest desert, a meteor crashes to earth. The shockwave it delivers knocks out a few seemingly normal people. Astronomer Vera (Shantel VanSanten, “Gang Related”), single mom Erin (Sofia Black-D’Elia, “Betrayal”), felon Raul (JD Pardo, “Revolution”), TV preacher Joshua (Jon Fletcher) and bullied teenager Peter (Joel Courtney, “Super 8”). When they wake up from death minutes later, they are changed. They all have acquired some sort of power. Healing tears, mind reading, super strength, prophetic visions, respectively. All this and Angel wings too. The twist is that they are only visible in reflections. The “Man” is played by Diogo Morgado. He is best known for his portrayal of Jesus in the History Channel’s epic mini-series The Bible and in the film Son of God.

In the first scene we see a newly engaged nurse, get violently shot in front of the hospital by a lone gunman spouting crazed religious speak. We will have to wait and find out who this girl is and what she holds for all. I have a feeling she is totally involved, but I haven’t seen any more episodes to tell you if she’s a good one or not. All in all, I enjoyed the show and I am waiting for next Friday night! I think the CW has a winner here! They have had and are having a pretty good run at shows like this. Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, The Flash,The Originals being just a few of many!

Episode 1 gives us a little glimpse of these so called “normal” people. Everyday living, with all of their problems. Vera is searching for her son, who has been taken. Erin is trying to make a life for and protect her daughter from an abusive ex-husband, who is also a cop. Peter is a bullied teenager who lives in a group home. Joshua is a preacher’s son, who finds out his father took liberties with his wife and may be the father of their unborn baby! (Whew, I knew I didn’t like that preacher!) and Raul, who has just barely escaped being murdered by crooked DEA agents. And then there is the “Man”. Who he is or where he comes from is a mystery. I think, and we all assume, he is the Devil. He brings death and chaos.






The episode moved very well at establishing our characters, their normalcy and then delved a bit into the extra power after being dead. I loved the effect of the Angel wings in reflections. I think if we stick with this series, we may have something to look forward to on Friday nights for awhile. The Cast and creator did a “live” Tweet event last night upon the airing of the show, and it went well. The cast seemed friendly and engaging, as well as the creator O’Donnell. I had fun Tweeting them and got many favorites and retweets from them. So check this show out! I think you will like it!

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Eoghan O’Donnell is Co-Executive Producer of “The Messengers”. He moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of getting his start as a screen writer.  While working a day job he wrote the pilot for “The Messengers” during his evenings and weekends.  O’Donnell currently resides in Los Angeles. He also wrote for MTV’s supernatural drama series “Teen Wolf.”     


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