The Messengers – Ep 2 Review: Strange Magic

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Well I enjoyed episode 2, Strange Magic immensely ! It was action packed this week with alot going on with our “angels”. And we find out, if there was any doubt, that they are “Angels of the Apocalypse”. God is angry and he wishes to give humanity another chance. The meteor that fell down to earth, bringing the “man” with it, was in reality, the Devil being cast from Heaven. And the Devil, played by Diogo Morgado, is “hot”, in a good way.


After talking Vera into doing a job for him in the first episode, we see that she will do anything to get her son back. The Devil makes big promises and all she has to do is kill Rose. Rose has been in a coma for 7 years and just as Vera is refusing to do her in, the “man” appears and shows her a vision of the day that her son disappeared.

I don’t have your son, but I know exactly where he is. If you don’t finish this, as God is my witness, you will never see Micheal again!

2Just as Vera takes the pillow and attempts to smother Rose, she wakes up! Rose is surprised to see the “man” there and starts speaking in some strange language and then he disappears! Vera is as shocked as Rose is. Rose knows her name and realizes what Vera was going to do, but tells her that they have to get out of there.

Erin and her daughter Amy have Raul in the car. He has been shot and Erin argues with Amy. Amy insists that they take him to the hospital. But when they arrive, the nurse makes Erin stay and goes to call the police.


At this same time, Joshua’s father is on the news telling everyone his son is mental and needs help. I really dislike that man! Joshua is in the hospital looking for Rose. She was in his vision and he must find her. He goes towards the chapel. It just so happens that Peter, who has hitched a ride with a trucker, is dropped of at the same hospital. Is there a conspiracy here? It’s strange how all of our angels are being drawn here. When Raul falls on the floor getting out of bed, Erin falls on top of him and all his wounds heal. What we thought may be healing tears, is really healing touch. When the police show up, they all take off running. Joshua is hiding out in the chapel praying and doesn’t know that Peter is in there hiding eating stolen food, when Raul, Erin and Amy run in. Then, Vera and Rose walk in. Here we are. All of our group is together. Joshua remarks that Rose is the woman from his vision.

Yes, I am and you are the messengers!”

5Vera thinks Rose is nuts after being in a coma for 7 years, but the others are just confused until she calls them all by name. Rose explains to them that they are the Angels of the Apocalypse and have to fight the Devil. She explains that if God sees that normal everyday people can work together in this mission, then he will give them another chance. This is the “End of Days’, and they will be battling with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Rose explains that they all have special powers to help defeat the Devil. Vera isn’t buying this nonsense and says she has no powers, but Rose says that they will be revealed to her. Joshua goes into a full blown vision about Vera’s missing son, saying that he knows who has the boy. “I saw your son,” Joshua tells Vera.

Because of their run in with the police at the hospital, Raul and Erin get pulled over on their way to his brothers house. Raul reads all of their minds and sees that Erin and Amy are in trouble because of her ex husband. This cop is gonna nab them so, Raul pulls his gun and saves the day. JD Pardo rocks in this series! This episode was not lax on edge of your seat moments. I think there may be a love interest going on between Raul and Erin.


Peter phones his friend and she tries to talk him into coming home, that he is not in trouble for killing the bully, but she is lying. The police are there making her say it and they have tracked his call. Peter sees something on a door that says “follow the signs” and this is what our young hero is going to do. I love this character. I know how he must feel. My teenage years were not so great either. Joel Courtney is a mighty fine actor!

Vera and Joshua take off to find the man in his vision. A one armed Vet. They talk to the wife and find out he is not around, but follow to find him.


Joshua believes that this man is responsible for Micheal’s kidnapping and that they will find him, but Vera doesn’t believe.

I don’t believe in God, I don’t believe in Angels and I don’t believe in the Devil, ok?”

Our mystery man is at the track winning big. But the Devil has him in site. With a promise to double his money, The “man” tempts our soldier and they leave to play a game of chess. The Devil finds this Vet to have ties to a senator’s son, and this is a clue as to why the Vet is important.


What will we find out that transpired. I have a theory already, Have you figured it out yet? Of course the Devil’s tricks work on the Vet and he loses, but more than just his money. Despondent over losing everything, he walks in front a bus and is killed. Vera and Joshua witness this and then she sees who is behind it. The “man”!

Raul has had some trouble at his brothers house. His niece Nadia hates him, as his brother was beaten and taking from the house. Two big bad guys show up to take Raul, but he puts them down and they are able to get out.

Alan calls Vera to explain that they are fired and have no more access to the Areo Space facility. He was escorted out by gun wielding military dudes. Vera is confused but is glad she asked him to get the rock sample from her place. When Alan goes to check at the site of the meteor, all evidence of the meteor and crater are gone!


Peter has been wandering, following the signs, it leads him to a bar and grill. “Inquire within” for a dishwasher job, so he enters. Raul and his niece are traveling too. The car blows a hose, they pull over. Vera and Joshua are sitting at the bar, debating who is crazier and what is going on. Vera says “there is no such thing as destiny”, just as Strange Magic comes on the jukebox! nice touch I might add! She turns to see Raul and Peter walk in. And Erin gets up from a booth. Rose walks in. They must find and stop the Four Horsemen, War, Pestilence, Famine and Death. There are 7 Angels of the Apocalypse, but they can’t wait for him. Vera only believes in what she can see, so Rose tells her,”you have to look harder”. Just as Vera see their reflections in the mirror…they all have angel wings!


I love this show. Born and raised Catholic has always left my mind open to the stories of the Bible. The new take on normal people becoming angels and stopping the Devil is appealing to me. The writing is great, the actors are fantastic and very friendly on social media. Check this show out if you haven’t seen it yet. I think you will become addicted to the story and characters. Check out my other reviews of this series and more!

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