Angel & Faith season 10 #14

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Illyria and Fred have a show down in Fred’s head, will the blue god or the geeky physician come out top? This review contains spoilers;Angel-season-10-Uninted4-cover

WRITTEN BY: Victor Gischler
PENCILS: Will Conrad
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: May 6th

When we left Angel & Co last, Illyria had admitted to Eldre Koh that she had pretty much killed his entire family, and made him pay for her crimes by sending him away to a hell dimension for 100 of years (they love this form of punishment in Angel don’t they? Not done your homework? Go your hell dimension and think about what you have done for a 100 years!)…so..yeah.. Koh is not a happy bunny, but still he is confused, he fought side by side our blue god and thought they were buddies. But no, Illyria is fed up with humanity, she seems to have gone of Angel and his pals too. Faith and Angel try to fight her, to get her to calm down or drop something on her head to knock her out, anything to sedate the god. Enter Fred, or rather enter into Fred’s brain, here Fred and Illyria have a bit of a girly hair pulling fight over who should be in control of Fred’s body.  Weirdly Fred seems to pull through and win the struggle and the grumpy god retreats for now.

Koh kindly doesn’t squash Fred like a fly, but is happy to see her and say she is a true warrior for standing her ground. Koh then goes to consult his magical therapist Naidra, who after he leaves talks to Magic Town itself about Illyria and that she won’t stay quiet for long.

Angel and Faith have a bit of a bonding session after the fight. There might not be an Angel and Faith thing going, but she has his back. In the background we see Faith’s new employer from Zane Industry discussing the data they got from Illyria and you get some bad vibes here, it seems our scientists might be a bit naughty.

Angel and Faith is still going strong, but I feel like it lacks a bit of the sparks that are flying off Buffy season 10 at the moment. I wonder where they are taking Angel and Faith. With Buffy and Spike coupled up, you start to wonder if something might happen between these two, Angel hasn’t really had any action since him and Buffy boinked a whole new world into existence. It seems like their bond is deeper than anything physical but who knows, it would be interesting and Buffy would most likely not be best pleased.I guess we just have to wait and see where it goes.