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Disney’s Tomorrowland – Preview – In theaters – May 22nd

The story of the magic, mystery, and genius of Walt Disney are a big part of this movie.

It is directed by Brad Bird who also directed Iron Giant, Incredibles, and Ratatoullie among other stories that our imaginations love.

The story and screenplay were written by Damon Lindelof, Brad Bird, and Jeff Jensen.   LIndelof is the co-creator of the long-running television show Lost, as with Lost, there is a lot of mystery in Tomorrowland. In an interview from Disney Insider Lindelof refers to a mysterious box that was shown to him by Disney president of production Sean Bailey.  This box and its contents seem to have sparked the ideas for this movie. In the interview Lindelof talked about Walt Disney and how he wanted to somehow remind people that Disney was a man before it was a brand.

“What if Walt was a part of this secret society of geniuses and all of his work in the real world was basically pumping money and resources into the thing he was truly passionate about, which was the creation of this futuristic utopia/think tank/brain trust of artists and geniuses? Wouldn’t that be cool? And the rocket ship was blasting off.”

The movie has quite the cast.  George Clooney is Frank Walker, a scientist/inventor.  Britt Robertson who plays Angie on Under the Dome is Casey Newton, who finds a pin and begins to have visions of a futuristic world when she holds it.  Casey’s father is played by Tim McGraw.  Hugh Laurie plays a brilliant scientist in the future, David Nix.  From the trailer it is clear that we will be treated to a lot of action, excitement, and explosions.

Watch for my review after the movie comes out.


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