Karl Urban At Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis 2015

Check out this great video highlighting some of the best moments during Karl Urban’s “No ‘Bones’ About It” panel at Wizard World Comic Con Minneapolis on May 2nd, 2015!

Born and raised in New Zealand, Karl Urban was an only child to his German Immigrant father and his mother, who worked at Film Facilities in Wellington, New Zealand. It was this early connection with movies that heightened Urban’s interest in film and acting. Indeed, even as a youngster, he was able to attend film screenings held for industry people and staff. Urban’s mother was good friends with comedian Ginette McDonald and they often attended live television tapings on Ginette’s comedy show, “Lynn of Tawa.” It was McDonald who cast Urban in his first ever role at age nine, in the television series, ”Ettie Route Pioneer Woman.” Though Urban only had one line of dialogue, it was a sign of success to come.

In1990 Urban expanded his acting with a role in the police series, “Shark In The Park III,” followed by an impressive role in 1992’s “White Fang” and a role in another well loved movie, “Homeward Bound.” Urban’s early determination payed off as he continued to appear in shows like “Xena: Warrior Princess.” Not afraid to tackle more complicated roles, he played the conniving Maell, who fell to a watery death after plotting to kill his brother Icus in “Altered States.”

As Urban’s list of credits grew, his determination to share his time and talents with his fans never diminished. His art form blossomed, as his acting resume included many television credits. It was the role of Eomer Eadig in “The Lord of The Rings” that made Urban’s name commonplace. Shot in New Zealand and directed by Peter Jackson, the ensemble cast brought the J.R.R. Tolkien books to the big screen in a wonderful way that impressed fans and critics alike. The trilogy was a meaty and fantastical take on the well known storyline. Equally impressive was his work in “Star Trek” and “Star Trek- Into The Darkness.” Trekkies and fan-goers quickly accepted Urban for his role as Dr. McCoy (a.k.a., Bones).

Karl Urban visited Minneapolis this past weekend, and in forty-five minutes he managed to dazzle and entertain the audience with great anecdotes, answers to fan questions, and musings about his future roles.

He graciously answered questions regarding his roles as Dredd, as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, and Eomer of Rohan, among others. He also discussed his work on Almost HumanThe Bourne Supremacy, and a few others.

Urban told the audience about his path to becoming a successful actor, and how important he feels it is to invest in your craft, whether it be acting, writing, or something else at which you want to become proficient. He stressed that when you’re not working, you should pay to work; pay for experience.

Urban had the same philosophy when it came to his family life. He said that the greatest gift you can give to your kids is time. Time to do things with them, and to build experiences together (whatever the activity may be). Success is defined in many ways, and for Karl Urban, it’s not just about his major film and TV roles. Success as a father is also a top priority.

To close out the panel, Karl Urban answered an age-old question: cake or pie? After a bit of clarification (he wasn’t sure if meat pies factored into it), he made his choice: apple pie with vanilla ice cream. It doesn’t get more American than that, does it? And to the woman who asked this important question, Mr. Urban saucily said, “I’ll be coming for your pie.” He was a delightful guest and Minneapolis was thrilled to have him.

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