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Outlander: Maril Davis Gives Us The Scoop on Twitter

Maril Davis, Executive Producer for Outlander, chatted with fans today on Twitter – scroll down for a casting surprise!

Q Toni Graphia said the writers like to play the game of what other job they’d like to do on set. What’s yours?
A I’d like to operate the camera!

Q Ron mentioned instances in which you clearly fought for female gaze (BIG THANK U). Could you give us more examples?
A I’m not sure I fight for “female gaze” specifically. I just fight for the book.

Q Will you continue switching writers and directors in Season 2?
A Our writers won’t change. Same AMAZING Staff for S2. Some new directors and some old for S2.

Q What do you enjoy most when you are on set?
A The director rehearsals where we run lines with actors.

Q What’s your guilty food pleasure while in Scotland?
A Favorite guilty pleasure foods are french fries (aka: chips) and dessert! 😉

Q How many other people in addition to you are involved in the casting process?
A When it comes to choosing, also the writers and the director.

Q Will there be a Claire killing a wolf scene this season?
A Um, SPOILER ALERT. I can’t tell you that!!! 🙂

Q Will you guys be shooting episodes in order?
A Yes and no. They are in order, but sometimes scenes in episodes are filmed later in blocks.

Q With all the flying you did recently, do you get to stay put for a while in Scotland?
A No, I go back and forth quite a bit.

Q Could you give us a brief overview of what exactly an executive producer does?
A LOL – too hard to answer with only 140 characters!

Q How much input do you have as to what goes into an episode and do youever disagree about any script changes?
A I’m fortunate to get to sit in the writers room and I do give notes on scripts. And yes, sometimes we disagree!

Q Wasn’t there a big disagreement if Jamie would actually kiss Laoghaire or not? The podcast said that you fought hard for them not to kiss while Ron wanted them to.
A Yes, I didn’t think they should kiss, but I did agree that he SHOULD be tempted.

Q Your title varies in the credits episode by episode. Can you tell us about that?
A It does? It shouldn’t. It’s the same very time!

Q It varies based on number of credits and where people appear relative to footage.
A My name placement never changes. It always appears over the shot of the dirk. The names in the back half never change. Front half changes depending on guest stars.

Q Who’s more stubborn, Sam or Caitriona?
A Oooooh. That’s tough. I’d say both equally? But also equally charming!

Q What do you do in your spare time?
A What spare time?

Q Has working on the second season been any eaiser than the first or is it a whole new set of challenges?
A Second season is challenging. DIA isn’t as easy to adapt.

Q We’re dying to know who’ll play Brianna and Roger. Is there anything you can tell us?
A Sadly, I can’t tell you a lot about casting other than we have cast a lot of the roles.

Q What’s your favorite hair product to keep the curls at bay in rainy Scotland or do you hat and ponytail it?
A I swear by Ouidad climate control gel. It’s the BEST.

Q When and how did you discover the books? Did you get engaged immediately, did you think about a future project?
A Well, Matt Roberts gave them to me years ago and I knew that I had to be involved.

Q Out of all the Outlander characters, which character is your favorite or which one are you most like?
A Aside from the usual suspects, I love young Fergus and young Ian.

Q What can we do to get you on the stage at the next Panel?
A I would love that! May I suggest pestering Starz?

Q Are you willing to reveal thoughts about whether we will see an adaptation of Voyager?
A If I knew, I would! That’s not really up to us. It’s up to Starz.

Q I have a sister in Eugene, OR. I see you’re a big Ducks fan. What’s your connection to that wonderful city?
A I grew up in lovely Portland, OR , and my dad and brother went to Oregon. HUGE Ducks fan!

Q Favorite place to vacation?
A ALOHA – Hawaii!

Q Have you played tennis with any other cast members besides Cait? I hear you’re a pro.
A Caitriona and I have played with Tobias. Hate to admit it, but he’s good. We will beat him soon!

Q How long did you cry when my Bucks beat your Ducks?
A I’m still crying…

Q Other than Outlander, do you have a favorite book in the series? Or the one you are really hoping to film?
A I love A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I HOPE we get that far!

Q If you weren’t in the entertainment field, what would you be doing?
A I’d probably work in sports. Huge sports fan!

Q From the episodes we’ve seen, do you have a few favorite scenes? I know, hard to pick one.
A Love them all, but I loved the spanking scene in 109 and the first sex scene in 107.

Q Why are all extras on Starz region restricted? Outlander has fans all over the world.
A Well, among other reasons, you’d have to be available more than just one day.

Q Have you thought ahead to further books… what do you think will be the most difficult set to create/use?
A Yes, but only in general terms! Can’t think past season 2 yet!

Q Did you read all the books?
A Of course!!! I’ve read them all more than once.

Q How long will it take to film the complete Season 2?
A Give or take 10 months?

Q Trying to guess what the cliffhanger will be at the end of the season. Will you use something from DIA?
A Wouldn’t you like to know! And I wish I could tell you! You’ll find out soon!

Q Do you have any advice for the ladies who do Claire’s curly hair on set?
A Absolutely not. They are much more skilled with ClaireHair than I am !! We have an AMAZING hair/makeup team!!

Q What are you most proud of on Outlander?
A That we’re making it the way we want to. And proud of our amazing cast and crew. We would NOT be here without them.

Q Celebrity crush?
A Kevin Costner or Robert Redford. #LeSigh
A (from Terry Dresbach) I don’t get the Redford thing, but Kev is another matter entirely…

Q He’s cute!
A (Terry) Yes!

Q Here’s a question for you, Terry, would you be allowed to hug Kev???
A (Terry) No, that would not be good. But he wears Levi’s like no one else on the planet.

Q (from Matt Roberts) Taste great or less filling? Giants or Dodgers? Banoffe or StickyToffeePudding?
A Have to go Dodgers since I’m an LA Gal, and Good Sticky Toffee wins out over Banoffe by a hair!

Q Is Matt Roberts as big a tease in person as he is on Twitter?
A Good sense of humor in person too #WereALLTeases

Q As a book reader, are you ever torn when, for the purposes of television, you have to omit certain scenes?
A Yes, constantly. Hardest part of my job is when I have to take off my fan hat.

Q How excited are you about Terry’s costumes for Season 2?
A They are FRICKEN amazing. Terry has outdone herself!

Q Are you a whisky drinker? If so, what’s your fave? And fave shooting location in Scotland?
A I am TRYING to be a whisky drinker. I think Scapa is my “favorite” so far.

Q Who does all the cooking on the show? Is there a menu set up? And most of all who eats it!
A We have caterers. And they put out a menu at lunch. Not sure there’s a world class eater among the group?

Q What do you guys in the Writers Room do to break the tension and keep things fun?
A Drink and play naked Twister…

Q Any chance they filmed Jamie’s “let me be brave enough” line at the stones so we can see them on DVD?
A No, we didn’t film that line. Sorry!

Q What is the feature that made you decide Bouton was “the” one?
A When you see him, you’ll know!

Q Would you stand a chance drinking against Caitriona? Terry said no contest if she tried.
A Absolutely not. No one can outdrink Caitriona. She is a lady with skills.

Q Any event where you would love to see Outlander recognized that it hasn’t been so far?
A I’d take the Emmys. 🙂

Q Do you feel changes on the show vs. the books have been welcome or have you got petitions asking to be more faithful?
A We’re never going to please everyone. And I think the writers have done an amazing job with a tough task.

Q What job could you absolutely NOT do on set?
A Um, any other job except mine? #WhereDoIBegin?

Q How often are you actually on set for filming?
A Usually every day. I go in the a.m., then go to office. Then go back. #washandrepeat

Q What was your first big break in the business?
A I began my career as a production assistant on Star Trek.

Q When there’s a disagreement (never) about how things are portrayed how do you settle it? Pull straws?
A At the end of the day, as showrunner, Ron Moore gets to make the call.

Q Whatever happened to “Heard in the Writers Room?” We would love to get little snippets – love you guys!
A I will start up again once Season 1 is finished.

Q During your time in Scotland have you tried any local dishes? #haggis
A Absolutely not. I will leave Scotland never having tasted Haggis or blood pudding.
A (from Sam Heughan) This MUST be addressed.

Q Who do you spend most time with on set?
A I’m usually hanging out with whichever writer/producer is here.

Q I keep hoping to see an interview of you. Did I miss any? Are any scheduled?
A You guys are the only ones who ever want to talk to me!

Q What personal skill/trait do you use most often to do your job as an Executive Producer?
A Hmmmm, mediation?

Q Do the writers take the actors’ strengths and weaknesses into account?
A Yes.

Q Could you ask Maril for me how many episodes ahead are the writers?
A You can ask yourself! We have 7 scripts written so far.

Q Were you on set today? Who’s filming right now?
A I’m kind of on set right now. But at base camp talking to you fine folks.

Q Kiss, marry, kill of Outlander men?
A Not sure my boyfriend would appreciate this question and I have to work with these guys! #PASS

Q Are you and the rest of the cast and crew feeling the love?
A We are. Thank you! The fans are amazing!

Q What is your favorite thing about filming in Scotland?
A The people. I say it a lot, but it’s true. We have the best crew.

Q Everybody else is filming right now?
A Yes, we are filming as we speak…

Q If you could challenge another show to a game of dodgeball, who would you challenge?
A Game of Thrones? I think we could take them.

Q Are you going Munro bagging with Sam this season?
A Definitely not and I’d prefer he kept to low ground!!! I’m talking to you, Sam!

Q Challenge him to a game of tennis?
A Caitriona and I have challenged Sam to a game of tennis many times.

Q I know it must be exhausting but does it feel like work or a labor of love?
A It IS a labor of love, yes.

Q (from Sam) Wow wow wow… Don’t want to show you up…
A Just name the place and the time, Beav.
A (from Sam) Haha ANYTIME … #deuce

Q Great fundraiser opportunity Outlander Doubles match! #payperview
A Challenge for charity-like when Billy Jean took on Bobby Riggs.
A (from Sam) probably more like Laurel v Hardy.

And to thank you for being the best fans EVER here is a casting treat! A picture of Bouton!


















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