Outlander Preview: Ep. 14 The Search – Your “Worry” Rating

For the last three episodes of the season, I wanted to do less of a preview (since I haven’t been doing them all along) as much as I wanted to offer a guide for those worried about being able to handle what (at least book readers) expect to be coming. I promise not to give out any spoilers.

No surprise, this episode focuses on Claire’s search for Jamie, who has been captured by the Redcoats. If you’ve been missing some of our friends, you may be happier – Dougal reappears and makes Claire an offer. Rupert, Angus and Willie show their true colors. And Murtagh shows a side of himself that we haven’t yet seen.

Are you worried about how you’ll handle the final episodes? I’ll rate each the last three episodes on the Wednesday evening before it airs so you’ll be adequately prepared with hands to squeeze, your teddy, blankie or other comfort objects, or an as-yet-unopened bottle – the more hearts, the more of each potentially problematic item.

Episode 14 rates: 



Box of tissues                  ♥ ♥

General Squeamy-ness  

And overall, this episode rates:

A sharp intake of breath, but generally no problem.

Here’s this week’s trailer:


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