Seraph of the End First Extermination 1X08 Review

In episode 8 of Seraph of the End, Yu and the rest of his squad make their first raid on a vampire enclave. As it turns out, the little girl they rescued in the last episode was more of a trap than originally thought. The vampires hooked her up with a listening device in order to learn the plans of the squad. They were prepared for battle when the squad showed up. Despite having the tactical advantage and having the advantage of larger numbers, they were no match for Yu and his comrades.


Mitsuba and Yu were finally able to reach an understanding after the battle at the vampire enclave. The fact that Yu is unable to leave anyone behind is the very characteristic that ended up saving Mitsuba’s life. In addition, the entire camp of children was saved. The fight scenes in Seraph of the End: First Extermination were complicated and full of excitement. It is good to see that the quality of these scenes has not yet been sacrificed. In addition, the backgrounds are quite detailed. It makes it easier for us to imagine an apocalyptic world.


Yu still has a quick temper and he is still very hardheaded. However, he has been able to show some compassion towards his comrades in this episode. He reassures other children and acts kindly towards others. It really seems as if the characters are starting to come together and work as a team.


Towards the end of Seraph of the End: First Extermination the squad runs into a vampire nobleman. This nobleman goes by the name of Lord Crowley. There have been many references to past figures of history and fiction. This includes Vlad Tepes, Elizabeth Bathory, and Aleister Crowley. He owns a first class weapon that is similar to the weapons the rest of the squad uses. However, Crowley knows how to use his weapon quite well. He cannot be defeated on his own. Unfortunately, he leaves suddenly and there is no fight.


I was disappointed that the squad has not encountered a real threat just yet. In addition, I am still waiting for Mikaela to show up. While this episode of Seraph of the End has not given us the drama that most of us are looking for, it did bring the characters together. The show has been struggling with building up the characters and making them likeable. I think we have finally reached that point. If some excitement does not happen soon, Seraph of the End might start going backwards. I still have hope for this show. Seraph of the End is definitely a show that takes its time. It has given us a backstory, decent characters, and bonding time. Now we just have to wait for the drama to unfold. There were quite a few jokes made in this episode and we were able to see more of how the squad handles stressful situations. In addition, we were able to see Yu excited about something other than killing vampires.

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