Seraph of the End: New Family Review

This episode of Seraph of the End starts out right where the previous episode left off. We are introduced to the vampire that killed Yoichi’s sister in the form of a flashback scene. Once again, we are shown images of Yoichi hiding under the bed and watching as a vampire kills his sister. We know now that Lacus is the vampire that destroyed Yoichi’s life. This is Yoichi’s deepest memory. The Black demon trial puts Yu, Kimizuki, and Yoichi through their deepest and most painful memories. For example, Kimizuki is reliving memories of his own sister as well. The demons have taken the forms of people that are the closest to the three of them. The demons are saying things and making promises in order to weaken their heart.


The demon in Yu’s contract takes the form of Mikaela at first. Mikaela will always be Yu’s greatest weakness. However, Yu has already dealt with a demon before. He was prepared to see through the illusions that are thrown at him. He continues to tell the demon to shut up and give him the power he seeks. Despite the fact that the demon then appeared as every member of his family, Yu refuses to back down. He resists the talk of revenge. He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. Ashuramaru eventually agrees to give Yu unlimited power. However, he has to commit himself to revenge completely.


Yu was forced to confront his own survivor’s guilt by facing the manifestation of every member of his family. Once he was able to face this and beat the demon, Ashuramaru warns him that she will completely take over him if his heart is ever weak. After this pact is made, Ashuramaru also tells him that he is not entirely human. Ten percent of him is something…more. Did the humans perform experiments on Yu? The demon then proceeds to tell Yu that humans can never be trusted. They are far more terrifying than vampires or demons alike.


After Yu wakes up, he finds out that Yoichi is the only other person that is still going through the trials. Unfortunately, Yoichi’s demon hates people who do not have vengeance in their heart. People like that are considered weak. Because of this, he fails his trial. Yu and Kimizuki are ordered to destroy Yoichi now that he has been taken over by a demon. They do not listen to Guren’s insistence that there is no hope for Yoichi. They do not want to kill him and Yu even does his best to try to reason with Yoichi. Despite these efforts, Yoichi is being entirely controlled by the demon. After a lot of frustration, Yu decides to give up the fight. He stands directly in front of Yoichi and dares him to shoot him. Yu refuses to kill a comrade. He would rather die.


Guren finally gets involved and asks Yoichi if he plans to hide under the bed again. This statement wakes Yoichi from his own personal nightmare. He finds his purpose and his reason for revenge and is finally able to make his demon contract. Guren tries once more to make them understand that the Moon Demon Company is their family now. While they should focus on revenge against their enemies, they should also place an importance on the new family that they have found.


Guren even places them on the front lines. Their first mission involves a vampire threat. This happens to involve the vampires in Kansai. The Moon Demon Company has learned their plans of trying to take over Shinjuku. There is no doubt that Yu and Mikaela will be reunited soon. However, because of the circumstances it might not go well. The next couple of episodes may be even more emotional than this episode. Each of the characters will have to face their own personal demons.

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