The Messengers – Preview Ep 5 – Eye in the Sky

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After our angels thwart the assassination of the Prime Minister and find out that the Senator is the first horseman, they now know that the first seal has been broken. Will they we able to find the second horseman and stop the opening of the second seal? This show is great! It’s a shame that CW cancelled it, but we will be able to see out the whole season. Hopefully, someone will pick it up and continue on. Maybe Netflix, who is known for giving some series a second chance, will come to The Messengers aid! I think the cast is great and the story itself is pretty darn good. Who doesn’t like the struggle between good and evil?


The Messengers episode 5, “Eye in the Sky” – Erin’s (Sofia Black-D’Elia) attempts to celebrate Amy’s (guest star Madison Dellamia) birthday in peace are thwarted as Raul (JD Pardo) and Joshua (Jon Fletcher) look to jumpstart Joshua’s visions, and we finally meet the seventh angel. Shantel VanSanten, Diogo Morgado, Craig Parker, Anna Diop and Joel Courtney also star. Eric La Salle directed the episode written by Matt Pitts (#105). Original airdate 5/15/15.

Inside the episode Drums of War

Preview of Ep 5 “Eye in the Sky”

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