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Trailer for Indie Short “Captcha” – 1940s Steampunk Thriller with Arthur Darvill

Rory Williams may be stuck in a fixed point in time, but Arthur Darvill is a man on the move.  By now, you probably know he’s going to be playing Rip Hunter in Legends of Tomorrow, but today I want to bring your attention to an indie short he stars in.  The film is called Captcha and it’s a film noir spy thriller set in the 1940’s in a universe where London is quite steampunk, which is quite a delightful thought, though Darvill’s character seems to be short on delight in the trailer.

Written, directed and edited by Edward Tracy (Fonejacker & Facejacker), the indie short is making waves and is looking to raise funds to produce a feature-length version. Head over to We Are Colony to watch the trailer (again), check out more information, and purchase the full film and extras to help these good people see their vision come to the big screen.

Also, check out selected snippets from Darvill’s recent Reddit AMA.


A film noir thriller with a touch of romance, set in a “steam punked” 1940s London.

The concept of a “love implant”, which makes someone fall in love, was inspired by the myth of Cupid.  To combine this concept with my intention to make an action thriller I asked the question “How could love be used as a weapon”?

The short film’s story presents the situation of a long term “spike victim” being injured, his implant failing.  The spy who put it there has in the meantime fallen in love for real.  She chooses to betray her mission and save her lover, but once he knows the truth about their deception, can he ever forgive her, let alone love her?  Can they ever be truly free of what happened?  Does destiny still have a role when such trickery is used for something so emotive as “true love”?  Can “true love” ever be attributed to just a chemical reaction, or is there a force at work which goes beyond our comprehension?  Can the pair tell the difference between what emotion is real and what is fake?

We all say we love indie projects and want to support them.  Here’s your chance to prove your love and support one of your favorite actors.  Darvill is a genuinely nice guy and extremely talented.  Please consider supporting this award-winning film.

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Please click over to We Are Colony to learn more about Captcha and to buy some of their sweet extras and make a feature version possible.

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