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Blood Blockade Battlefront Review Ep. 1X05 – A No Holds Barred Eden

“A No Holds Barred Eden” is an episode that pretty much shows us just how tough and amazing Klaus really is. The whole episode is like something out of Fight Club. Zapp gets in trouble and owes money to the wrong people. He comes up with a way to get out of his debt by getting Klaus to participate in a fighting competition. Klaus has absolutely no problem taking down all of his opponents.


The episode starts with Leo and Black sitting together in a coffee shop. While they are at the coffee shop, Black uses his powers in front of Leo. He freezes a cup of spilled coffee that was dangerously close to landing on Leo’s face. Of course, it eventually unfreezes and lands on his face anyway but that fact is irrelevant. This little display of power shows us a little of what kind of power Black is able to control. This makes sense at the end of this episode of Blood Blockade Battlefront. It is revealed to us that Black is actually one of the 13 kings. It seems that he has big plans in store for later episodes of Blood Blockade Battlefront.


“A No Holds Barred Eden” was a lot of fun to watch. The animation is still extremely detailed and beautiful to look at. Many of the colors that were used blended well. In addition, we got a better view at how strong Klaus is. In fact, he seemed invincible in this episode of Blood Blockade Battlefront. Zapp’s personality is quite enjoyable and provides even more comedy for the audience. While at first this episode might seem like another filler episode with a little character development, important information is added to keep us at the edge of our seats. Not only is Black one of the 13 kings, it was also revealed that his sister has a heart condition. She is currently being treated at the hospital. Is this related to what happened to Leo’s sister?




Funimation is now airing episodes of Blood Blockade Battlefront with the English dub. The English dub of this show makes it even more enjoyable. The only thing I did not like about this new dub is the fact that New York accents were not used. Fortunately, this is only a minor detail that doesn’t take away from the overall experience. The English dub makes it easier for us to focus on the dazzling animation. In addition, the plot is easier to understand. The visuals, background art, and action scenes are easier to focus on. The English dub actually has something to offer for fans. We are given a better viewing experience; this is one of the few anime shows that benefit from an English dub.

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