Buffy Season10 #16

Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 10 #16

Buffy Season 10 issue 16Tall dark and broody is heading to join the Scoobies in the fight against Archeus. Will his return be a welcome one and what will it do to Buffy and Spike’s budding relationship?

WRITTEN BY: Christos Gage
PENCILS: Rebekah Isaacs
INKS: Dan Jackson
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: June 17th

Buffy and Giles are sitting discussing Archeus and what kind of player he is. Giles says that he is not quite as big and nasty as an old one, but a Demon lord, so still pretty high up the evil food chain. They also wonder how he is connected to the other big demons they have been fighting recently. Whilst they are talking Spike is freaking out slightly about the imminent arrival of his love rival and frienemy Angel. After all last time Buffy saw Angel it took them a only a very short time to start copulating a whole new universe. Dawn and Xander try to calm him down, but it isn’t until Buffy herself tells him to not worry he seems to listen.

Willow shows up with captain Forehead  who at once wants to talk to Buffy in private, but before he can say anything, Buffy asks Spike to join them and slips her hand into his. This doesn’t exactly make Angel happy, and him and Spike start to bicker.

They don’t get much time for this however because this spiny monster shows up and the three former lovers has their hands full trying to defeat him, not fall over themselves and not be tempted to kill each other. Eventually Buffy and Spike seem to start working together and kills the demon by making it run into a doorway engaging with a strong protection spell that sets it on some sort of magic fire.

Post-fighting the Buffy decides that enough is enough, now they are going to take the action to Archeus and let him know what happens if you rewrite the book of magic.

I am aware that when I was reviewing last series my reviews were quite different from time to time, sometimes I liked it, other times not so much, but this series STILL delivers issue after issue, it is just SO good. I really can’t recommend it enough that you get you hands on Buffy season 10 pronto!

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