Archie VS Predadtor

Dark Horse’s Archie vs Predator Part 3

archie v predator 3 coverWith Reggie and a lot of the Riverdale gang blown up by our not so friendly out of space visitor and Jughead wandering around dressed as Veronica the situation is feeling rather bleak. Who will bite the dust in this issue? This review contains spoilers;

Writer: Alex de Campi
Penciller: Fernando Ruiz
Inker: Rich Koslowski
Colorist: Jason Millet
Release: June 17th
Price: $3.99

After being nearly blown to smithereens Jughead stumbles on what is left of the gang, they do a headcount (for those who still have their heads attached for the moment) and they are seven, however some kids decides they are better off far away from Veronica and Betty as they are the instigators of this whole murderous affair anyway. They wonder off, and poor hungry Jughead goes in search of some food. He finds a vending machine, and just as he is about to get his jollies – he instead ends up in the vendingmachine, head and spine on display curtsy of the predator. The gang are now down to 4, Archie, Ronnie, Betty and the nerdy Dilton. Dilton goes on a tirade on how no-one wants to date him, whilst Archie is getting comforted by both girls. The smooching stops when Dilton reveals an Archie looking robot with handy bazooka arms. Yay, finally the gang are safe right? NO…not so much, the robot seems to have a mind on its own and to make matters worse predator shows up and has a go at Dilton’s confused Archiebot too. As Betty defuses the evil robot with cuddles, the predator manages to slash up Archie a bit. When the girls go to help Archie, the predator has his merry way with Dilton. Then they were three little piggies in a corner, with a predator standing over them…

This comic is still a very amusing kill-fest, this issue rather covered in blood and gore.  There was some rather funny comments when Jughead dies in the vending machine such as Veronica muttering ” Oh Juggiekins I always knew junk food

would kill you”.  From the look of things, it will be up to the girls to sort this out, somehow figure out what part the mysterious jungle knife plays in all this.But will Archie himself survive? I guess we just have to wait another month to find out!

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