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Dark Matter: Episode 4 Preview – Face Off

I really hope you’ve already seen episode three before you read this and begin watch the video above.  If you haven’t, stop reading and go watch episode three in its entirety, then come back and start over.  Unless you want the “big reveal” from the last episode pretty much shoved in your face you’ll take my advice.

Okay, sufficient spoiler counter-measures have been executed and we are now ready to proceed to the promo.

As you know by now (IF you listened to me and did what I told you.), we saw another Jace-face at the end of the last episode.  He even claimed his name was Jace Corso, which is what One discovered his name is supposed to be when Android recovered the corrupted data.  This could mean a lot of things.  Maybe One had a twin brother and he was the criminal whose face he saw on the view screen.  It might also mean every crew member aboard the Raza are some kind of clones or copies of “real” people who are not very nice.  Most likely of all I’m way off on my guesses, and you know what?  I really don’t care because I’m enjoying the hell out of Dark Matter and trust I’m going to continue to enjoy it for a long time.

In this next episode, the Raza makes it to the space station where One and Three are trying to sell a ton of guns while Two kicks a ton of ass, probably enjoying it a little too much, Android makes a very “Three-like” suggestion, and One comes face-to-face with himself.  We’re only three episodes deep into Dark Matter and we’ve already developed feelings for the entire crew, theories about their pasts, and have an eager anticipation for what’s to come next.

I felt like the first hour of the pilot was a little dryer than I’d expected, but Dark Matter quickly blew that feeling out the airlock.  The plot twists and character developments are a blast and every week things just get better and more insane (in a good way).

Dark Matter held a press conference phone call earlier this week, talking with several of the actors and creator Joseph Mallozzi. That discussion, which you can find in two parts here and here, gives you a lot more information about the plans for this season and beyond, the characters, and the direction. Plus, we’ve got a photo gallery of ship schematicsand drawings – take a look!

For the rest of our extensive coverage of Dark Matter, CLICK HERE.  You don’t want to piss off the android, do you?

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Dark Matter airs Fridays at 10/9 central on Syfy

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