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Defiance “The Bough Breaks” Episode 3×2 Review

This episode brings us back to what is expected when watching Defiance, fast paced story lines with at least one surprise to utterly stun the viewer. The “what the hell” must rewind scene definitely paid off for the viewer. That, however, I will get to last.

The lighthearted beginning with Nolan reading out loud the book of lore about Irisa’s adventures is a refreshing, sweet father/daughter moment even as they playfully fight over this “garbage”. With this show, we know, trouble or conflict is never far off. This small token of fresh air is appreciated.

Stahma and Datak “roll” back into Defiance with flair in a VC vehicle under the guise of Datak being injured. True to their characters, lies and deceit again are their weapons and foray. It appears through the multiple subversive actions, they’re indeed being the good spies for General Rahm Tak of the VC. For the sake of Alak will they blow up the St. Louis arch as ordered? They are so deft at playing both sides, somehow I believe Defiance is ultimately safe with this oft double dealing duo in this precarious position.


A clever and surely deadly plot line is woven between General Rahm Tak and Joshua “The Butcher of Yosemite” Nolan. Rahm wants Nolan dead for his crimes against the Votan. Nolan has an increased fire in his belly beyond the usual war against the VC over the murders of the McCawley family. To further the complication, Irisa becomes an unreliable partner when she refuses to kill Rahm Tak when she has the chance. This is war and Nolan spares no one on the other side of Defiance. A fracture between daddy and daughter.

I applaud the writers for realistically addressing the serious after effects upon Irisa’s psyche after being the vessel of mass murder. She seems unable to kill even when it is prudent or necessary in defense. The anger and blood lust she often displayed in seasons past, is now nearly nonexistent. An awakening, guilt response, or psychological processing of her trauma and lethal actions? Whatever is occurring, her character is growing into something new. Though good for Irisa, this strains her relationship with Nolan personally and as his law keeping partner.


The strangest unforeseen twist of the night is Stahma meeting T’evgin the Omec. She draws him in with stories, questions, and flirtation. She is up to something, yet to be determined. He is like a fly in the spider’s web to her charms. Or is he playing her? Both smart and calculating characters, this is a line that will be a very interesting follow.


To the stunning, “oh what the hell” did that really happen moment in the episode. After Irisa and Nolan are saved by Pilar from the VC, to her house they go. It is a game of cat and mouse. Pilar thinks she is the cat. First Rafe McCawley’s boots on her feet and the half-Casti baby in her possession, seals her identity to Nolan. Oh so brilliant and observant Nolan. Chaining Pilar up to leave her behind is par for course. It’s Irisa’s insistence on the baby coming with them that is a spark of perfection. Tension builds with Pilar getting herself free, a la shoe dagger with the purpose of finding and confronting Nolan. She wants the baby back. Here’s the stunning showstopper, without blinking an eye, he guns her down at close range, into the snow she drops. That is the pause, rewind, re-watch scene. This show again is harkening a bit of GoT death count. Whether or not she is actually dead remains to be seen. I envision a dark day for Nolan if she is alive not only because he shot her, but because he returned the grandbaby to Stahma and Datak in Defiance.

Next week there are certainly more underhanded deals to be made and conflicts to be had.


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