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Extant – Season 2 Preview: Who Will Believe Molly?

Are y’all as excited as I am to see what CBS’ Steven Spielberg-produced, Critics’ Choice award-winning (Most Exciting New Series), intriguing drama Extant has in store on Wednesday when Season 2 premieres? It’s all happening THIS Wednesday, July 1, at 10/9 Central! Cannot WAIT. The story centers around an astronaut, Molly Woods (played by amazing, Academy-award winner Halle Berry) who goes on a 13-month solo mission to outer space and comes back mysteriously pregnant (I hate when that happens!). The crazy thing about it isn’t just that she comes back pregnant, but that she finds out the baby daddy is most decidedly not human. Meanwhile, husband John Woods (Goran Visnjic), a robotics engineer, developed an Artificial Intelligence prototype that Molly and John ended up adopting as their son Ethan (played by adorable and talented Pierce Gagnon). Molly and John struggled for years with infertility, so adopting Ethan just made sense…and, of course, as A.I. is wont to do, Ethan eventually learns all the feelings. Which turned out to be both good and bad, because he was up against The Offspring (played by the super cute and gifted Shannon Brown).

Did you see Season 1 of Extant? If not, here’s what basically happened at the end of last season: Ethan sacrificed himself for love (I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want a kid like that?); Molly destroyed the alien threat (not really); and great gods, that offspring kid is still out there on the lam doing who the heck knows what (that can’t be good for humanity, right?). When Season 1 ended, it was just not looking good for Molly or this rocky planet we’re all flying around on, so thank goodness they’re coming back to fix it.

extant 2

Here are some highlights I’m most looking forward to in Season 2. First, the writers seem to be bringing in some fresh and interesting story arcs, adding to Molly’s dilemma and all the weirdo alien-drama. Second, there are a couple of amazing new cast members I can barely keep myself contained about (not kidding–I actually gasped when I found out about who’s playing Tobias Shepherd):

*Jeffrey Dean Morgan will star as J.D. Richter, in what appears to be a really yummy role, playing a character I’m really looking forward to getting to know. J.D. is a rogue cop, a hard-drinking, a reckless womanizer with nothing to lose (fyi: those men are the most fun to date…not the most productive or stable, but definitely the most fun).

*David Morrissey will appear as Tobias Shepherd in all 13 episodes, according to imdb.com. I’m not sure what Tobias Shepherd’s job will be, but honestly, does it matter? IT’S DAVID MORRISSEY. (I can’t wait to find out what–and who–Tobias is, and why he’s part of the story.)

Returning characters to the story are Molly; Ethan (the sweetest and most awesome robotic intelligence ever) (no, seriously, he’s up there with Haley Joel Osment); the divine Grace Gummer as Julie Gelineau (playing one of John Wood’s robotics development partners who grew particularly fond of Ethan and MAY attempt to bring him back to “life” this Season 2…I hope); Molly’s creepy Offspring (still! running! loose!); and Lynnanne Zager (you’ve heard her voice in lots of things: Shrek, Source Code, Bourne Supremacy) as the lovely voice of G.I.N.A. who, if I can play computer matchmaker for a second, I’m certain would make H.A.L. from 2001 weak in the knees (if H.A.L. had had knees).

"Let's get a drink, Amy--I mean, Molly." (image courtesy CBS)

“Let’s get a drink, Amy–I mean, Molly.” (image courtesy CBS)

Questions I seriously need EXTANT’s writers to answer in Season 2:

  • J.D. Richter. From preview trailers, it looks like he’s there to arrest Molly (I’d be okay with that) (no, seriously). Will he end up believing Molly’s crazy-sounding story of alien impregnation? What happens if/when he does? And, uh, how exactly rogue-ish and bad boy charming will J.D. be? (Asking for a friend.)
  • Ethan “died,” but his programming is everywhere (the spiritualist in me really loves this). Will Julie be able to bring him back to 3-D reality? And how far does A.I. go before we, humans, declare them to have a soul? (For that matter, IS there such a thing as having a soul…or are we all just programmed, essentially?) I love the existential questions the mere existence of Ethan and his very human-like emotional evolution created for me last season.
  • The government. The friggin’ government! God, I hope Tobias Shepherd isn’t a governor in the government. (Because, heh, see? David also was The Governor in The Walking Dead.) But seriously, you guys know how governments can be: always trying to sweep their dirt under a rug in some room of some law chamber somewhere. How will the government cover up the fact Molly didn’t actually destroy the alien threat? Huh? Figure THAT out, Congress, and I’ll stop complaining about you guys…for a whole 24 hours.
  • The Offspring. Where is he? WHERE IS HE! And what’s he up to? He’s got pretty (bizarre) eyes, but he’s clearly not well. Will he stay cute-but-creepy, or will he turn into something that could pop out of Sigourney Weaver’s tummy? I’m a bit nervous.
  • And last (but definitely not least): Who can Molly trust? J.D.’s probably all kinds of messed up (bad boys typically are), but then again…those are usually the most trustworthy, the ones with nothing to lose, the rebels without a cause. And what in the heck happened to John Woods? Who’s Tobias Shepherd? Will Ethan walk the planet again? Will the aliens win? Will the Offspring and his leaders rule our planet? Holy shiny eyes, what happens if they do?? Will Congress save the planet (trying hard not to laugh here)? Will Will G.I.N.A. and HAL ever have a first date (I’m joking–HAL is no longer with us.)?

Lots and lots and lots of questions for Extant to answer this season. I’m super excited to see what happens–come back after Wednesday’s premiere Season 2 episode and I’ll tell you (a) how much more in heart I am with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (J.D. Richter…J.D. Morgan–coincidence? I think not) and how much bigger a fan I am of Dave Morrissey (plus, when he’s not acting, I hear he’s just really very nice), and (b) all my thoughts about what happened in episode numero uno, estacion dos (number one, season two…you took high school Spanish, right?).

Here. Here is a really exciting preview trailer for what’s going to happen on CBS this Wednesday, July 1, at 10/9 Central:

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