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Orphan Black: 4 Clones, 1 Dinner Party – A Closer Look

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Watching Tatiana Maslany play different clones so perfectly and seemingly effortlessly makes it easy to forget just how much work has to go into multi-clone scenes.  It’s something of a technical fright just filming a two clone scene, but it’s nothing short of a technical nightmare to film a four clone scene.  When you add in all the peripheral characters who really round out the show, it seems like a near impossible task, but the wizards behind Orphan Black somehow manage to put together these truly intricate scenes and make them seamless.

Last year’s four clone dance party was an amazing scene, especially after watching how much work was actually put into it.  Now, we’ve got an inside look at the big family dinner party where the four sestras, sestra brother, and all the rest were gathered to celebrate their lost sestra, Beth Childs.  Once you watch the video, you’ll come away with a much greater appreciation for the raw talent and incredible effort that goes into making this wonderful show.

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Orphan Black will be back for a 4th season on BBC America, so stay tuned!

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