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Raise Your Hand If You Want Tomorrowland!

It boggles my mind that most people rate Tomorrowland on its merit as a film. While that might be important on a superficial level, it’s not WHY the movie was made. I thought it was perfect, though maybe (clearly) it’s not for everyone (yet). Some people will say, “Yeah, I got it,” and then get back on with the same ol’, same ol’, which is just as bad. So, it saddens me that more people aren’t acknowledging how necessary the movie was (and how much worse it is that this movie NEEDED is so important).

Some people are actually trying to fix this jacked-up situation we call ‘the present day’ for everyone who doesn’t care. For those who don’t think it’s jacked-up, try to see things from the perspective of someone homeless or starving or incarcerated or struggling to keep the lights on, or someone breaking their back trying to live the life they see others living.

Answer this question for me, if you please: Do you care what the world looks like in 2070?

If you answered no, then I’m here to help you. For everyone else, PLEASE help me get more people on board. We may have become a place full of people who do not care, but we are very much a place full of people who don’t give up.

Oh, you don’t think the world is going to end? Great! Me neither. But how much more violence, cruelty, and poverty do we need to experience before we all get sick from it?

What’s making us sick? What needs addressing/fixing? A lot. Here are just a few:

Religion: How bout everyone move out of the Promised Land and open it up as the ultimate religious paradise for everyone who wants to visit there and use all the proceeds to make the world a better place. That, and letting people believe whatever feels good to them.
*I know, that’s a serious one to start with, but if you don’t like this idea, let’s find one that works for everyone so we can put this particular conflict to rest.

Education – Teach [people] everything you can as fast as they choose to digest it and tell them the truth along with the fact that they can make anything they imagine come true.

Money – It’s literally killing us, so why don’t we get rid of it.

Health – Why don’t we try advancing medicine and stop pretending like solutions don’t exist.

Food – There are ways to make even the desert fertile.

Crime – Stop holding people back and people won’t have to rebel!

Property – Last I checked, people were building islands.

Secret Societies – [They] don’t know anything you can’t figure out.

Clothing/Shelter/Arts/Culture/Technology – Imagine the possibilities when the creatives and dreamers get to share their imaginations.

Love – when all anyone feels is love, you won’t have to go far to find it.

The Tomorrowland  Music Festival. c/o

The Tomorrowland Music Festival. c/o

These are just a couple of thoughts. Feel free to chime in.

I WILL PROMISE EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET – that if 25% of the human population gets on board with me to work toward world healing solutions for everyone (we are getting the ball rolling with far, far less), then we will see such a positive change in daily life that we WILL create a Shangri-La for all to share.

And for anyone who feels like taking the journey but doesn’t know the way, ask me or the thousands of other people smarter than me to help you and I promise they will.

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