Seraph of the End Episode 12 Review “Everyone’s a Sinner”

Around five days have passed since the battle ended and Yu still has not yet woken up. Shinoa has started to become quite worried. She has done everything in her power to help the military without asking too many questions. I think those days are over for Shinoa. Seeing what happened to Yu has started to worry her. Despite the fact that she belongs to a powerful family, she was not aware of the human and vampire experiments.


I can see where the vampires’ hatred comes from. Humans do seem to be crueler. They lock up vampires and humans alike just for crazy science experiments. Shinoa confronts Guren about these experiments after she finds the labs and dungeons. He does not seem concerned about what has happened to Yu. He believes these experiments are essential for human survival. He does not care about the consequences. He wants to continue to dig deeper. When will he stop? How far will these apocalyptic experiments go?


All of the nobles seem to have survived the battle. Mika wanted to be with Yu but he remains with the vampires. Mika shows some resistance to Ferid in this episode but he is quickly reminded of his place within the vampire community. We have learned that Mika’s part human identity is still unknown to some vampires within the community.


Yu eventually wakes up in the hospital. He handles the shock of seeing Mika alive quite well. He also had to watch his friends nearly die right in front of him after being held back by a crazed Mika. Yu does not seem to remember all of the details about that day on the battlefield. Shinoa has developed feelings for Yu. Because of this, she decides to try to spare him some of the more dramatic details about that day. She does not want to overwhelm him. This could turn out to be a bad thing in the future. What if Mika finally convinces Yu that his human friends are just using him?


Ferid is providing information about the vampires to a human. This gives us a lot of conspiracy theories to play around with. Both sides may be involved in the experiments. Things are more than they appear to be in Seraph of the End.


The second season of Seraph of the End will be airing in fall of this year. The series started a little slow but it has quickly picked up speed towards the end of the first season. It got entertaining. Although some of the early episodes were boring and did not fit into the story very well, the later episodes were very entertaining. I was disappointed with some of the fight scenes. I expected more from the animation and I still hope that the second season will be better. Now that most of the technical information is out of the way, we can focus on some of the key elements in the second half of Seraph of the End. The first season of this show has done its job of introducing the main characters and setting up the plot. There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. They have their work cut out for them in the second season.

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