The Messengers – Ep 8 Review – A House Divided

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Rose has left the building! Supposedly on her way to make amends with her long ago fiance in Seattle, Rose thanks the group in a note and just up and left. The messengers think that all is well with the world now, leaving them to contemplate their own lives and what they should do now. When they least expect it, the mysterious wave passes thru them, letting them know that the second seal has been broken!


It appears as though Leland Schiller, after getting bailed out by that devious devil, went ahead with his plan to make Nero corporation pay for his mother’s death. He attacked and killed at least 200 people from Nero. Vera wants to move on this, to do something. The others aren’t so keen on the idea,especially Josh, who thinks the end of the world is inevitable. The Messengers are having a crisis in faith! Who will win out?


Vera heads over to talk some sense into Joshua, who has just awoken surrounded by drug and drink and a tiny vision. Name calling ensues, blame flies around and Vera walks out feeling disheartened. Jeff Fairburn, the attorney shows up to talk Josh into coming back to the church, which has now fallen apart because of daddy preachers arrest. Josh is offered 7 figure to come back. Gee whiz, he’ll get money, the house, a new car and a brand new start.

Raul calls in Nadia’s mother Gabriela, his old love, to take her home. Nadia gets angry and has a memory flash about the day she found photos of her mother kissing her Uncle Raul, and her father Cesar, (Raul’s brother ) finding her holding it. Later he gets drunk and kicks Nadia’s mother out. Now she blames Raul for her father’s death and her mother for leaving her. What a screwed up girl.


With birth certificate in hand, Peter catches a ride with Koa to go find his mother. Following the last known address, they end up at  the abandoned Blackwood Asylum. What the heck does this mean? No one has been there for 13 years and the security guard is shocked when Peter mentions his mothers name. She was a teenager from a religious family. They made her life hell and she tried to kill herself, ending up at the asylum. The cut all ties to her after that. Because of her mental condition, they took Peter away from her shortly after birth and she went outside and hung herself from a tree. Peter wants his dad’s name and goes to find him.


Vera is meeting with her old beau. It’s time he knows that he is a father. As she shows him the baby pictures and tells him about Michal’s abduction, he gets really angry. Upon further discussion, he seems to want to help. He tells Vera he will help her in any way he can.

Joshua returns to the church and opens with a great sermon touting himself as a messenger. He tells the people that God is not in this place and decides to follow his real path. He has another vision of the 2 boys and walks out. Jeff doesn’t get to find out what visions that Joshua has had.


Amy is jealous of Gabriela and she tells Raul that she is moving on today. He wants to go with her and Amy,until Gabriela tells him that Nadia is missing and that he is family and needs to find her. He leaves with Gabriela. They talk and just as I suspected, Gabriela tells Raul the he is Nadia’s father.


The Man pays a visit to Jeff and his wife. He obviously promised the devil something in return for getting a baby,(Michael) So now what will he have to do to be able to keep him?

Gabriela and Raul find Nadia at the grocery store. Her and mom go to have a talk. Peter and Koa are there too. Joshua is shopping and gets stopped by the old messenger and they have a chat. Erin and Amy show up and Vera arrives. They are all together here. For what reason? They see a sign advertising something and there are the two boys, now men, that have been in Joshua’s vision. Amy has drawn a picture of them all together, plus one. “That’s my friend Michael, he likes soccer” says Amy. 13 Could this be Vera’s son? Will they all band together now and go the course to finish their mission? Tell me what you think. Watch tonight!

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