Blood Blockade Battlefront Ep. 1X10.5 “Even These are the Worst and Best Days Ever” Review

Episode 10.5 of Blood Blockade Battlefront is a recap of all previous episodes of the show. In “Even These are the Worst and Best Days Ever”, Leo talks about what he has been through so far. He uses a talk radio DJ as a way to vent his frustrations. It is easy for me to imagine that Leo has no one to talk to in the strange new world of Hellsalem’s Lot. Although he has found friends within Libra, he has only just met these people. Everything is so new and strange to Leo. Naturally, he feels the need to talk to a stranger about the crazy things that has happened to him so far. While he is on the radio show, he calls himself “The Tragedy of L”. The name seems accurate, especially after seeing the previous episode. Leo has a lot on his plate and it is only going to get worse.


While he has a lot of good things to say about Klaus, the leader of Libra, he has just as many bad things to say about Zapp. Zapp is the exact opposite of Klaus. Zapp has done nothing but make Leo’s life more complicated than it already is. He is faced with constant abuse and mockery. Even taking a simple lunch break can lead to disaster when Zapp is around. Despite this, Leo reminds us that Zapp does have some redeeming qualities. When push comes to shove, Zapp is someone you want on your side.




Even though Leo tried to remain anonymous on the radio show, he pretty much negated his attempts by talking about his “All-Seeing Eyes of the God”. Leo is a complete nervous wreck in this episode. He has multiple panic attacks when the radio host asks questions about his life. It gives us a closer look at how much of a shock Hellsalem’s Lot can be for a human. His sister’s eyesight has been lost and he has been given the ability to see things that no one else can see. One must assume that others cannot see these things for a reason. I can imagine how horrifying some of it must be for him. On top of that, he faces death nearly every day while he works for Libra. Luckily, the members of Libra are good at what they do. He must face terrifying monsters in order to find a way to save his sister.


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While the episode retains its humor, it does a good job of giving us a reality check. Leo has been through a lot and the worst is yet to come. When the radio show host asks him about his love life, he begins hyperventilating. It is clear that he has feelings for White. He knows she is hiding a painful past but he has no idea what she is really going through. What will happen to Leo’s god Eyes? Will he simply give them to White? He loves her and will likely do what he can to try to save her and her brother. However, he does not have the help of his friends this time. I am excited to see what happens in the next episode. Unless you have missed the last couple of episodes, you will not miss much in this episode. This episode of Blood Blockade Battlefront is a recap of everything that has happened so far.

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