Blood Blockade Battlefront Ep. 1X10 “Run! Lunch!! Run!!/to the end” Review

Episode 10 of Blood Blockade Battlefront is a completely hilarious episode. In “Run! Lunch!! Run!!/to the end” Zed, Zapp, and Leo go on a search for food and find the most horrifying and strange diners to eat at. We learn that Zed can hold his own against Zapp’s insults and attempts at hazing. Zapp is on a mission to try to haze Zed as he searches for a place to eat that will disgust him. He only succeeds in horrifying Leo. An alien regurgitates food to sell to customers in one shop they go to. Who would actually eat that? Other places include a clam chowder shop where the food actually eats you and another diner that sells fairies that beg to be eaten.




Leo reaches his limit and begins to have visions of the God of Chow. Once Leo starts ranting about eternal famine and the God of Chow, Zapp finally decides to take them to a decent place to eat. This episode gave us an interesting tour of the various places to go in Hellsalem’s Lot. In addition to being strange and humorous, this episode of Blood Blockade Battlefront had stunning art. Everything was colorful and extremely detailed. Many of the places that they went to were completely disgusting. All of the various creatures were unique and wonderfully drawn. This episode shows off the animation and the funny side to Blood Blockade Battlefront.




While the three stooges search for food, the rest of Libra tries to find information on a mafia family. We also learn that Libra is actually an illegal organization. Even though they worked with the cops on the mafia case, everyone knows that the police are just waiting for the perfect time to strike. Libra is up against 1,000 mafia brothers in episode 10 of Blood Blockade Battlefront. Despite this fact, we never really see a single fight scene.


There is also a meeting between Libra and the League of High Order Spiritualists. They are a group of humans with superpowers that have been awakened by the Beyond. They are the ones that are responsible for sealing off Hellsalem’s Lot. In addition, they are responsible for the peace treaty between the two worlds. The League of High Order Spiritualists has a traitor among them and they need Libra’s help finding them.

It turns out that Black is a part of the League. The organization knows about Black’s parents and his sister. However, they do not k now about the creature inside of Black and they do not know why the barrier between the two worlds is fraying. It could be possible that the creature inside of Black is the reason for all of this.


The episode ends with Leo trapped in a cathedral with Black and White. She is very sad because of what she has to do. For a moment, I thought she would back out of the whole deal until Black shows up. He acts insane in these final moments. He is covered in demon blood and it looks like he is ready to go on a killing spree. We see his true power and it seems as if there’s not much hope for Leo. I did not expect White to ask Leo for his God Eyes. I expected her to come up with a different way to steal them. I don’t know if we’ll find out what happens to Leo in the next episode since it is a recap episode. Black’s plans are starting to come together and it will not be long before the big climax comes.

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