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Dark Matter Episode 8 Review – Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cloned

Last week’s episode may have focused primarily on Three, but this week doubles down to shine a light on Six. Picking back up on what he learned about his past from episode six (was that episode numbering more than just coincidence?), the kind-hearted anti-hero continues his search for the General.

The General, you might recall, is the leader of the Procyon Insurrection, a resistance movement fighting against the Galactic Authority (think big-assed, evil space police). It’s also a group that Six was a member of and fought for until he learned their supposed righteous leader tricked him into blowing up a space station, killing over 10,000 innocent people.

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Gorgeous VFX at work again (Image courtesy Syfy)

The Raza is about to dock at a really big and super snazzy space station with extra rings and shit so they can recklessly spend some of that shiny, colorful money they found behind the Big Damned Door. Everyone’s going for a bite, but Six says he’s got something to take care of and heads straight for the Transfer Transit boutique, the creepiest way to travel in the galaxy. Now occupying the body of his clone at some far away, crappy space station in a bad part of the galaxy, he sets out to find the General and end his murderous ass for good.

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Transfer Transit 2.0 (Image courtesy Syfy)

Six gets the crap shot out of him on the first try, but since it was just his clone he can play this like a video game and get another life, which he does. Next try, he fares better, making it to the General and even choking him to death. Like I said before, Six is a decent guy, but he’ll shoot, or apparently choke, your ass if he thinks you deserve it. That encounter was a tough break for Six because the General turned out to be a clone. How can you tell? Well, when Transfer Transit clones die they turn to dust.

What I found strange is the first time Six’s clone died it turned to dust, but the pool of blood that ran from his body remained a wet liquid. Was this on purpose? How does clone blood know when to turn to dust and why would any clone blood on the outside of its body remain intact? If it remains stable outside the clone’s body, shouldn’t any blood on his skin and clothes also survive, possibly leaving wet bits in the pile of dust? I must know what the rules are for clone blood in the Dark Matter universe, dammit.

But this also raises an issue for me and my likely wrong-headed conspiracy theory that one or more of the Raza crew are modified clones that don’t “expire” so quickly.  That pool of blood is clone blood; the same blood that turned to dust inside SixClone’s body.  If it managed to remain stable while the rest of the body went poof, that could mean clones might be modified so they last as long as a regular body.  Again, I must know the answer.

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Hmm, everything turned to dust except the pool of clone blood. Odd. (Image courtesy Syfy)

Why am I asking so many questions?! Because Joseph Mallozzi likes it that way, that’s why! He writes it like this on purpose … and I not-so-secretly love it.

Five followed Six and figured out what he was doing, so One and Four clone-hop their way to the station in an attempt to save their crewmate. By the time they got to the General’s place, Six had already dusted him good and they all went back to the Raza where they got a stern chewing-out by Mom. I mean Two.

Did I mention that after the Transfer Transit jump One had a different face? Yeah, it turns out that Evil Jace Corso is actually Real Jace Corso. I mean, he’s still evil and all, but he’s also the Corn Flakes of Jace Corsos. So who is our Jace/One? It turns out he was actually Derrick Moss, kazillionaire and CEO of CoreLactic Industries, which, incidentally, sounds more like it has something to do with breastfeeding or treating dairy intolerance than some gigantic industrial corporation.

(Image courtesy Syfy)

Sometimes you just gotta “face” the truth (Image courtesy Syfy)

This Moss character had his face surgically altered to look like Real Jace Corso so he could get onto the Raza. A news clip One watches at the end of the episode gives us a clue as to why – Derrick Moss’ wife, Catherine, was murdered and the main suspect in the investigation is Marcus Boone, the lovable jerk we all know as Three.

(Image courtesy Syfy)

“Man, I’d kill to be on the news.” (Image courtesy Syfy)

Like so many things on Dark Matter, this looks like a straight-up case of a man out to avenge his wife’s murder, but by now we all know it’ll turn out to be far more complicated and interesting than that. One by one, our crew are finding out they’re wanted for some very high profile murders, but so far none of them have actually been guilty of the crime. Just look at Four, who was framed by his Evil Stepmother, and Six, who was wrongfully blamed for blowing up a crowded space station. So something tells me Three isn’t actually a murderer, either.

Is this a trend that will continue as we find out more about the rest of the crew’s past? There’s also the fact that Four and One are from very wealthy, powerful families. I wonder if this is isolated to the two of them or will the others have similar backgrounds? At this point, I don’t even want to bother speculating because I had One pegged as some kind of Jace clone and he turned out to be a guy who just had a little nip and tuck. But I will keep on speculating. I can’t help it, Dark Matter demands it.

More observations, quotes, and questions:

– I already pounded this one into the sand, but why did the clone blood from Six not turn to dust when the rest of his body, including the blood inside and on him, disintegrated?

– Did you notice that little Jurassic Park shout out when Two was docking the Raza without Android’s help?

(Image courtesy Syfy)

Objects in mirror are larger than they appear. (Image courtesy Syfy)

– I just have to stop and say how gorgeous that huge space station was, especially against the backdrop of that nebula. Great VFX work as always, but this was extra impressive.

– Continuing to build on the family dynamic, Four had a heart to heart talk with Three. It was a deeper look into the character of both men and Four ended it by telling Three they all owed him their lives. That was a lot out of Four emotionally and it was good to see him opening up.

Three – “Nah, I got stuff to do.”
Four – “Such as?”
Three – “Cleanin’ my guns. Workin’ out. Cleanin’ my guns.”

– Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, Four smiles!

(Image courtesy Syfy)

At least we know Four CAN smile when he wants to. (Image courtesy Syfy)

Five – “What’s wrong with you guys?”
One – “What do you mean?”
Five – “Well, you’re all getting along. It’s weird. Are you drunk?”

Five – “I knew it! He’s been hoarding the green, not-as-craptastic protein bars. He said we were out. I got stuck eating the blue ones. They taste fishy.”

(Image courtesy Syfy)

Mmm … the Not-As-Craptastic flavor. Just like Mom used to extrude. (Image courtesy Syfy)

– I’m beginning to wonder if One and Four don’t make an even better comedy couple than One and Three. It’s a different dynamic, but every bit as funny. When the two men come out of the other end of the Transfer Transit pods and One has his “real” face since DNA doesn’t record surgical modifications, Four immediately attacks him. One tries to convince him he’s the same person by telling him all the things the real One should know. Nothing gets to Four until he says, “Three’s an asshole.”  Yeah, moments like that are gold.

-Then there’s this little exchange just before the cloning begins.

Transfer Transit Lady – “Are you a couple?”
Four – “Is there a discount?”
Transfer Transit Lady – “Ten percent.”
Four – “Then yes, we are a couple.”
– Five and Android have another one of their adorable talks again. This time it’s Five convincing Android she has feelings. Eventually, Android comes to accept this and she looks genuinely puzzled by the revelation. As Joe Mallozzi has been teasing on Twitter, why does Android have emotions? I know Wendy could at least simulate emotions, but Android seems to have the real thing.  I’m beginning to think Five may have either built or at least programmed Android before their memories were wiped.

(Image courtesy Syfy)

Adorable tech and techie hugging it out. (Image courtesy Syfy)

– Does the Transfer Transit system also clone the underwear you have on? If it doesn’t, I hope someone’s wiping down those pods between trips.

– Here are a few more memorable lines from this episode:

Two – “And you. You knew and you kept it a secret. That’s just as bad.”
Three – “It’s not as bad. It was strictly for blackmail purposes.”

Two – “That’s an apology?”
Six – “No. It’s me being honest. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

Android – “If you honestly feel this way, why don’t you tell them?”
Two – “Tell them what?”
Android – “The truth … about yourself.”

Five – “It’s Star Wars 36, remastered in full VR. They say it’s a classic.”  (Of all the futuristic ideas presented in Dark Matter, this one is probably the most plausible.)


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