Don’t Read it Out Loud: New Necronomicon Pages from Ash Vs Evil Dead!

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Bruce Campbell is BACK to fight against the Deadites once more in “Ash Vs Evil Dead”, a television show that is set in the same world as Sam Raimi’s cult Evil Dead franchise. Ash is still a stock boy thirty years later; he has once again set the Deadites free from their prison. I wonder how he managed to be messed up with the Necronomicon this time. You would think he’s learned his lesson.


One of the main aspects of the Evil Dead series is the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. To quote the Evil dead series, it is “bound in human flesh and inked in human blood”. Entertainment Weekly had the honor of bringing us a first look at six pages from the book. You can read the Entertainment Weekly article here.


Sure enough, Ash will once again mistakenly awaken an army of evil spirits when the Evil Dead franchise returns with Ash vs Evil Dead this fall on Starz. “This is a guy who thought he could just quietly live a life of quiet desperation and—no,” says Campbell. “He brings it back upon himself and the world, and he of all people must save the world from his own doing. That’s classic Evil Dead. Ash is basically responsible for everything.” Of course he is.


Ash vs Evil Dead will be a 10-episode series on Starz. It will be premiering in the fall of 2015.







Courtney Sanders