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Extant 2 x 02: Metamorphoses (let the cray cray commence!)

Crazy stuff is starting to happen for Molly (Halle Berry)! J.D. (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as well, but I sense he doesn’t fully understand what sort of three-ring crazy he signed himself up for…I think he thinks it’s just your regular, old out of control cray cray that just kind of happens when dealing with escaped asylum people. (He’s also clearly got the hots for Molly, but I’ll get to THAT in a minute.) The Offspring (Shannon Brown) is older now (that was one of my questions last time; the writers answered it in this episode, and now I have some more…this is a GOOD thing!), and now it appears he IS just skipping around town impregnating women left and right, spreading his alien seed. (Hide yo kids, hide yo wife…)

Meanwhile, Julie (Grace Gummer) has gone pretty much full dark side – she’s working FOR the nefarious now, in spite of herself, and she’s done gone and erased Ethan’s (Pierce Gagnon) memories of Molly. Lovely humanic Lucy (beautiful Kiersey Clemons) was woken up, proving herself to be a different kind of Humanic – super robotic strength and stuff like that. The powers-that-be are beside themselves with joy about her as those kinds of people usually are. Julie was blackmailed with her love for Ethan to keep on keepin’ on, in spite of Lucy’s defects. I’ll be honest: I’ve never attempted to take over the planet using powerfully destructive humanoids, but it seems like if I ever DID want to do that, defects would be good…until they aren’t. To be fair to Julie, she’s being blackmailed with her love for Ethan. On the other side, she pretty much stole Ethan from Molly. And poor Charlie (Tyler Hilton)! Just caught in the middle, and now he’s got a bad hand.

Toby Shepherd (David Morrissey) also seemed to head to the dark side by ordering a drone attack on fellow Americans. He also wants to investigate J.D. – what’s that cop doing with Molly?! Shayna Velez (Necar Zadegan), his Chief of Staff, let it slip she’s also Tobias’ girlfriend because she worried that his soft spot for Molly was going to be an issue. Jealous! Office relationships = so stinkin’ complicated. Not kidding.

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Things I really loved about this episode:

1. When Molly roofied J.D. Not really the whole roofie thing; just Molly’s chutzpah. Molly is one crazy yet kick-ass strong woman. Those are the best kinds.

2. J.D. Richter. Seriously, readers, I’m simply not going to be able to write a review of each episode without talking about J.D.’s simmering sensuousness. It’s not just what he says; it’s how he says it. OMG the great bantering between Molly and J.D. Stay tuned for more next week. (Can there also be kissing next week? Please?)

3. Ethan. Who’s being played by an amazing actor–that kid’s going places, mark my words. I think I love Ethan’s story so much because it’s heartbreaking. He’s got a pure, sweet heart…and he’s willing to self-sacrifice it for love. I’m a total sucker for those kinds of people, robots or not. Basically, I want him out of the lab and back where he belongs, with Molly. Forget the aliens, Molly. Go get Ethan. (Too late! Memory, gone. That’s going to play into the storyline later, I just feel it.)

4. Lucy. I really love the introduction of a new humanic. Ethan is clearly creating spiritual dilemmas; I find it so fascinating to see Charlie and Julie and Molly reacting to him as if he were a real human boy. For them, he is…even though he’s not. I’m really interested to see what dilemmas the introduction of Lucy creates for the show’s characters. I love the morality issues the whole humanics things raises, in general.

5. Tobias Shepherd’s moral dilemma. Although, IS he having a moral dilemma? I really feel like Tobias isn’t a good guy. Then again maybe he is, but he has to do bad things because he’s the government. I don’t know. But the dilemma, his cold-hearted ruthlessness when necessary…oh my, that’s good. Keep doing lots of that, Extant.

6. The great lines sprinkled throughout this show. So! Many! Here were some that had my inner writer high fiving the Extant writers:

  • “You roofied me, you lunatic!” (Oh. My.)
  • “Dangerous – evil with one arm.” (I thought it revealed Charlie’s inner sweetness – Charlie’s a good guy.)
  • “Bet she wishes you were dead.” (Ha! I suspect most bad boys’ ex-wives usually do.)
  • “Who’s the cop?” (That’s exactly what I asked too, Toby, when J.D. Richter appeared onno television screen!)
  • “Feed me first.” (Halle Berry, live tweeting Wednesday night, said this was improvised.) Which is why I’m voting this THE best line of the show Wednesday night. Loved everything about this – not only did it mean they then had to shoot a scene of her scarfing down food like I do every morning of my life, it also created one more J.D. – Molly banter-y opportunity. AND they were able to segue it all into a great breakfast scene with Ethan and Julie, wherein Ethan lets Julie know how he really feels by throwing his plate of food on the floor. Great storytelling, there.


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Some things I had some issues with:

Again, with the borrowed Sci-Fi stuff. The fast-growing aliens are, indeed, ripping their way out of host mothers’ stomachs a la Alien. And when Molly consults Mednet for information on her scratching? That kind of seemed like Star Trek: Voyager stuff. (And also me on WebMD, every time I have a hacking cough.) I really, really want the story to stop borrowing stuff from already-done Sci-Fi, but maybe I’m missing the point of why they’re doing it. If you think there’s a point to why they keep borrowing stuff from other Sci-Fi, please explain it to me and I promise I’ll stop noticing it. …Ok, fine. I won’t stop noticing it, but I promise I’ll stop bringing it up in these write-ups.

Six questions I hope are answered in next week’s or near future episodes:

1. What’s with the weird scratching? And is it connected to the weird dream sequence?

2. WAS that a dream sequence? Or is Molly somehow being controlled by the aliens?

3a. Holy…did Toby drop a drone bomb on Molly in the nightclub?! Ruthless.

3b. Wait! What was Molly DOING in the nightclub? Why is she fraternizing with The Offspring??

4a. Did Ethan make Lucy crush Charlie’s hand? He did something right before she over shook Charlie’s poor hand; what was that movement?

4b. Is Lucy going to turn out to be a good girl? Or a bad girl? (And why does the Terminator keep popping up in my head when I think of her?)

5. Are Ethan’s memories of Molly (and, I’m assuming John as well) all gone? And did frickin’ Julie program him to believe she’s his mom? And what will happen if/when Ethan and Molly meet up again? Uh oh.

6. And last, but certainly not least: When will J.D. make his move on Molly? (I know he’s in denial right now, but I can totally tell: it’s a-coming.)

Extant airs every Wednesday on CBS 10/9 Central.

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