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Extant 2 x 4 Review: Cracking the Code (of longing and loss)

I think this episode was quite possibly the best one so far. Last week, I was absolutely in love with all the JD (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) banter (oh, JD, please come banter with me). This week, I was weeping for Molly (Halle Berry) and Ethan (Pierce Gagnon) by the end. And! I have a great new song added to my Quiet Moments playlist. (If you also loved the song that played toward the end of the show, it was Burn by Cody Crump. Great musical artist, and thank you to show creator Mickey Fisher for telling me of his existence.)



Other awesome things that happened in episode 4:

Thank god Toby’s not dead! I would have been completely bereft without Toby Shepherd (David Morrissey) on this show. He brings a complicated character to it that makes it interesting. And the struggle he’s having with his Chief of Staff, Velez (Necar Zadegan), is such a sticky situation, right? Office romances. Always a bad idea. For some reason, I think having Federal government office romances are even trickier bad ideas.

Turns out Molly is infected with spores. Alien spores. I some times feel exactly like this myself, during the fall and spring allergy season down south. But the spores are giving her superhuman qualities. And I both love this and feel nervous about it.

Ethan and Lucy (Kiersey Clemons) are NOT performing as programmed; they are rebellious teenagers with minds of their own. Poor Charlie (Tyler Hilton) has his hands full. Raising kids is hard, yo. Ethan’s rebelling is more heartbreaking and understanding to me – he just wants to find his mommy. Lucy’s is…oh, Lucy. Lucy’s need for independence is more chilling to me. I don’t have good feelings about it. (Do you?) And yet, can you blame her? She was given Life, and she wants to explore it and discover it on her own. Such was Dr. Frankenstein’s dilemma, I believe.

I really love the complicated and contentious relationship between Kelsey (Lyndon Smith, who did a really amazing job in this episode)and her dad, JD. I think I loved it so much because it really showed what a big frickin’ mess JD is. Those are the most interesting kinds of people to hang out with, by the way. And because of her birth lottery, I sense Kelsey will spend her whole life trying to fix that daddy-daughter relationship, running from man to man, looking for JD so she can rectify that situation. Luckily for her in this episode, the man who knocked her up was not an alien. Close one, Kelsey! (You’re a big, grown up girl. Why are you not on birth control??)

Not sure JD needed to go shooting his daughter’s car tires out to get her to stay. But then again, tough love is really…tough.

The Kiss. Oh, let’s talk about The Kiss for a few minutes. Please? Please?? Finally! JD kissed Molly! But not until he told Molly she needs to be guarded, protected, watched. So she doesn’t do anything totally nutty during one of her alien spore-driven episodes.

I was so conflicted during this scene – on the one hand, all my JD Richter fantasies sort of perked up. Because I personally would like a man like JD Richter to come protect me and kiss me in the process. On the other hand, what the whaaat? This is way into the future; we should be an advanced civilization by then, not one Susan B. Anthony would still roll in her grave about. Sisters can totally do it for themselves. On the other OTHER hand, it’s alien spores, y’all. On the other other OTHER hand, JD is pretty bad ass and all, but does he really think he can fight off alien spores? I mean, he wasn’t able to in the back alley until Molly called off The Offspring.

This show has the underlying themes of love, loss, and longing. I like that. The song was brilliant; and the mirror message Ethan left for Molly was perfect, I absolutely loved it and it made me cry.

Molly, go get your little boy.



I think what I’m most loving about Extant right now are the moral dilemma questions: What is good? What is evil? What is human? What is not? Is it okay to erase someone’s memory, if you have the ability; who gets to make that call, what is best for someone else?

I’m also still wondering about The Offspring. In episode 3, he told Molly she’d need to choose between what is coming (them, The Offspring, who – just judging by the rate of impregnations and creepy-eyed little offspring kids popping up – are going to be legion). Molly chose her country, her world (OR! Did she choose Toby? Hmmm). What happens now?

I think Lucy’s going to be a big, big problem. This is what happens when you create Life and then try to control it (ask the Lord) (if you believe in that)…I’m anticipating some exciting upcoming episodes as the characters struggle to figure out those answers.

In the meantime, there’s a little robot boy out there named Ethan who’s longing for his mommy. A little rabbit who’s lost and hurt, and trying to find his way home. I have a feeling that’s what most of the characters are looking for, actually: their way home. I hope they all make it there.




Extant airs every Wednesday on CBS 10/9 Central.

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