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Humans – Ep 5 Review

By: Donna Cohrs
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Last night’s episode was a bit telling, don’t you think? I am really enjoying Humans. It is a different sort of show. The show brings to light yet another form of racism, so to speak. The special synths are partly human, showing feelings and even love and need. But, would we,  as a society, want to see this in our synthetic replicas? Personally I would like them to be more human, although we get into more problems then we could handle.

After Anita saved Toby, we see the family reevaluating keeping her. Joe thinks she is an old synth and defective, and wants to take her back. But Laura has a different feeling about her now. Joe is having some guilt for putting Anita in adult mode and having sex with her. So I think his feelings are to get rid of the potential problem. Of course Toby wants to keep her around, being the boy in puberty, and Sophie loves her and Mattie wants to keep her around to experiment on and find out whats inside.


When a worker comes to recycle Anita, Mattie takes off with her and meets up with Leo and Max in the warehouse. There, Leo tries to bring out “Mia”. Mattie tries to help him through the codes with suggestions, but Leo won’t listen. I don’t think Mattie realizes just what is involved and who Anita will turn out to be. Lea says Mia is gone.

Leo has sent Niska to stay with George.The idea of conscious synths, is what Niska and George decide to talk about. Niska tells George that she’s been shaped by her experience, just like him. “What experience?” he says, as Niska grows silent. Do we have a new found friendship here?11174368_894017797311577_5551236487927819256_o

We already know that Leo is the son of David Elster, who was the lead in this exciting ground breaking technology. But according to records, Leo died when he was a boy. So how is he still here? What foul creepy thing was done to these people? Leo has found the code to perhaps produce more of them. Then we see Hobb, who we find out was on the same team of scientists and engineers as George and David, who’s being forced to kill Fred in order to keep the conscious synth population under wraps. My theory is that the “special” synths were once living people and through a series of events, were made alive again using technology. But that’s my own opinion, what is yours?

Pete is chasing a killer synth. Everyone knows Pete has no love for them, starting with his wife’s caretaker. Pete stops to visit George. It seems that someone has found Odi out in the woods. He gets information from Vera and appears to be satisfied for now. He barges in on Kate just as she unplugs herself from charging. What? You didn’t realize Kate is one of the special synths? Where did she come from and who is responsible for her? How did she climb the ladder to being a policewoman? Well, there is something to think about.

The Hawkins family is starting to fall apart. After Mattie brings back Anita to the house, she reveals that Anita has been put in the adult mode. She relates to Laura that someone has had sex with the synth, and they assume it is Toby. When confronted, Toby takes the blame and his mother sends him to bed. When Joe comes in, Laura tells him about the situation. When Joe hears this news, he goes to have a talk with Toby. Toby lays it on the line, telling his dad off and that he should be working on his marriage. Toby is acting more adult than his father it seems.


Joe goes in to tell Laura the truth. It was he that had sex with Anita. It comes to blows. They trade bad mouthing each other. He is jealous of her supposed relationship with Tom and she thinks him disgusting for trying to rationalize sleeping with the synth, he tells her it is just a machine. She tells him to get out and he grabs some cash and calls a cab.

So what will all this mean? Will there be a battle between humans and the special synths? Do they want to take over, or is it just that they want to be recognized as individuals?Tune in next Sunday night for an all new episode of Humans!

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