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Killjoys: Episode 4 Preview – Nuns With Guns

The next episode of Killjoys has a situation that sounds more like something out of a warped Dr. Seuss book than anything else when our trio face off against Nuns With Guns. It seems their help has been enlisted in transporting surrogates from a nunnery, or whatever Future Nuns call their home, to someplace not the nunnery.  It has something to do with stopping a war and stuff and they get shot at a lot.

Don’t worry, they shoot back.


The Killjoys find their real rhythm as a trio while protecting a group of gorgeous Surrogates under siege in a badlands fortress. It’s a manic, bullet-riddled ride to get the precious cargo to safety, while negotiating the ugly side of Qreshi politics.

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Killjoys airs Fridays at 9/8 central on Syfy

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