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Orphan Black at SDCC 2015: Full Panel – Working Hard and Twerking Hard

It was Friday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con and the number of fellow con-goers was rapidly increasing to near critical-nerd-mass levels. I anxiously waited in line for the Orphan Black panel, hoping to find a spot somewhere in the same time zone as the stage. By the time I entered the hall, the place was absolutely packed with happy Clone Clubbers and it was beginning to look as if I’d have to sit at the back of Alison’s campaign bus.

Not one to be easily discouraged during my mission to bring you footage of this panel, I braved a recon of some of the closer rows. I was on an expedition to find the near extinct and highly elusive Empty Seat – a creature often spoken about around campfires, but rarely seen in the wild. After more “this seat is taken” replies than I’d like to remember, I saw an impossibly good seat next to the large video cameras the convention has set up in each hall. Fully expecting rejection, I was flummoxed when I was told by Empty Seat’s neighbors that the seat was, in fact, not taken.

I had found the elusive butt rest of my dreams! I sat down and began to set up my tripod and camera in a way that would provide a good view while remaining low enough to not be an obstacle for those behind me. Then the panel began and the crowd went absolutely batshit crazy … I was one of them.

Watch the entire panel below and you’ll understand why we all lost our freaking minds. I had to stop the camera a few times while special videos were shown (convention rules), but we now have those for you, too. Click the links below the panel video to find and watch them, they are priceless.

Here’s the promised links to the extra videos we couldn’t show in the panel.

Comic Con News: Orphan Black S3 Blooper & Highlights Reels Are Here!

Comic Con News: Orphan Black – Donnie & Alison’s Alternate Projects

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Orphan Black will be back for a 4th season on BBC America, so stay tuned!

BBC America’s Orphan Black Website

The Orphan Black Facebook Page

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